Symmons Temptrol® Shower and Tub/Shower System


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Temptrol Pressure-Balancing mixing valve with combination integral diverter and volume control and adjustable stop screw to limit handle turn. Tub spout. Clear-Flo shower head, arm and flange.

  • S 96 2
  • water conservation

    Water Efficient

Available Finishes:
  • Chrome


Available Finishes:
  • ChromeChrome
  • Modification IconX - Integral service stops - allows water shutoff at valve for service
  • Modification IconX-CHKS - Integral check stops - for use in installations where a positive shut-off device is used downstream of mixing valve
  • Modification IconIPS - 1/2" female IPS connections
  • Modification IconL - Single blade lever handle
  • Modification IconLP - Loop handle
  • Modification IconLR - Lever handle
  • Modification IconREV - Reverse coring, hot on right, cold on left, for back to back installations
  • Modification IconB - Chrome brass escutcheon valve
  • Modification IconD - Brass dome cover
  • Modification IconWHS - Shower arm & diverter valve, metal hose, spray and wall hook
  • Modification IconWHSR - Same as WHS but with vinyl hose
  • Modification IconWHSR - Same as WHS but with vinyl hose
Flow Rate:
  • Modification Icon2.5  (standard) - 2.5 gpm (9.5 L/min) flow restrictor
  • Flow Rate2.0 - 2.0 gpm (7.6 L/min) flow restrictor
  • Flow Rate1.5 - 1.5 gpm (5.7 L/min) flow restrictor

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