Do you want the look of a renovated bathroom without the cost or time commitment of a large project?

  • Choose from several styles - traditional to contemporary
      All fit the existing Temptrol valve in the wall

  • Extend the life of the valve while updating the look
      New valve spindle and seats included in kits

  • Save time and money (compared to changing the entire valve)
      Retrim is faster and less complicated than valve exchange

Calculate your own savings!

Retrim Exchanging whole valve
Time mins mins
Labor $/hr $/hr
Total Cost $/hr $/hr
Savings per Room $
Number of Rooms
Savings: $

The above Labor Savings Calculator is for illustration purposes in commercial projects only. The time needed for a retrim or valve replacement job varies with the particular conditions on the job site. Your time will vary.

The universal nature of the Symmons Temptrol® valve makes transforming the look of any shower easy and cost efficient. With the Symmons Temptrol® valve behind the wall, bathroom renovation and new shower design is as simple as 1-2-3.

When you start with Symmons, it’s easy to stay with Symmons.