• Eco-Friendly Building in 2017

    Eco-Friendly Building in 2017

    Posted 02/01/2017

    Sustainability continues to be a hot topic across many industries, driven by public demand for eco-friendly materials and energy-saving systems in homes and hotels. Rising energy costs and growing concern about global warming are prompting hotel operators and multifamily developers alike to act.

  • Perfect Pairings for Your Bathroom Design

    Perfect Pairings for Your Bathroom Design

    Posted 01/19/2017

    Choosing the materials and fixtures to complement the look and feel of your project can be difficult – especially when it comes to multifamily and hospitality properties. The bathroom design you create will need to have a long lifespan, making the decision-making process even harder. We’ve made things easy by picking out a few perfect pairings detailed below:

  • Top Architecture Trends of 2017 Hospitality Edition

    Top Architecture Trends of 2017 Hospitality Edition

    Posted 01/18/2017

    2017 promises to be an innovative year for architects and designers. The year's top trends could potentially change the landscape of hospitality architecture forever. We’ve highlighted four need-to-know trends below.

  • Meet the Engineer Behind Symmons AirGap: Steve Ferreira

    Meet the Engineer Behind Symmons AirGap: Steve Ferreira

    Posted 01/12/2017

    In layman’s terms, what is an AirGap? This is a fixture added to your kitchen countertop, which is connected to your dishwasher and the main drain. The AirGap provides backflow prevention for a dishwasher. Why is it important? In the event of a clog in the drain, or a complete loss in pressure or power, the AirGap will empty the contaminated (dirty) water into the sink, preventing this water from siphoning back into the dishwasher or the water supply.

  • Why Designers Love Products With Buy American Certification

    Why Designers Love Products With Buy American Certification

    Posted 01/11/2017

    Now more than ever, people want to feel good about supporting companies that make a difference. We see this in the rise of local eating, which has foodies seeking out farmers' markets to buy local and get their meals as close to home as possible. Local building could be the next natural step in this movement, and architects and designers are on the front lines of making buying choices that support local economies.

  • Symmons Blog: Architects and Designers Who Tweet

    Architects and Designers Who Tweet: Who We're Following

    Posted 11/29/2016

    In this day and age social media has become such an integral part of our lives, to the point where it’s shocking to encounter someone who’s ‘off the grid.’ Social platforms like Twitter have elevated the Architecture and Design industries, creating a communal place for professionals to share their projects and ideas with one another, both nationally and globally. There is an increasing number of Architects and Designers who tweet, so we’ve put together a list of who you should be following.

  • Symmons Blog: Immersive Media: The new reality of the design industry?

    Immersive Media: The New Reality of the Design Industry?

    Posted 10/17/2016

    We live in a virtual world where people want access to everything from the comfort of their own homes, and why wouldn’t you when there is a never-ending supply of content being produced on the web. One of the latest crazes in innovation technology is immersive media- a type of digital technology that actively engages your senses into being physically present.

  • Symmons Blog: High Tech Becomes "Childs Play" for Serious Designers

    Symmons Sound Bite: High Tech Becomes "Childs Play" for Serious Designers

    Posted 10/17/2016

    What some have termed the future is already a way of life at Symmons. Two of our Symmons’ team members, Paul Zimmermann and Cliff Cobb, tell us that 3-D Printing is not only a revolutionary business concept that aids the design process, but also a high-tech adventure, allowing them to "have fun" with serious concepts and to create new products with ease.

  • Symmons Blog: Green Design POV

    Symmons Sound Bite: Green Design

    Posted 10/17/2016

    Say "Green" today, and almost all Americans will nod and agree that sustainability and environmental consciousness are vital considerations - in the way they live, the products they use, and the manner in which they approach the future. Some, of course, are adamant about energy saving and non-polluting products, while others attempt to balance responsible consumption with concern for the future.

  • Symmons Blog: 3D Print Your Way to the Perfect Design

    3D Print Your Way to the Perfect Design

    Posted 10/17/2016

    What started as a very expensive method of printing tiny objects has evolved into something affordable enough for the mainstream, and it’s making for a very exciting time to be an interior designer. 3-D printers come in different types, allowing a variety of solid objects to be made out of many different materials. The most sophisticated models can create intricate designs that even the most advanced woodcutting and carving couldn’t execute.

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