Temptrol Rapid Install™

Install Symmons Temptrol shower valves up to 3x faster.


We’ve taken the same dependable and easy-to-service valve you have relied upon for over 50 years and made it faster and easier to install. The Rapid Install Bracket combined features can speed up your installation time by up to 67%.

About the Rapid Install Bracket:

  • Reduce installation time by up to 67%
  • Creates a stable installation
  • Made of heat-resistant nylon

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See how one plumber was able to install 3 Temptrol valves with the Rapid Install Bracket compare to one with a standard installation.

Reduces Installation Time by Up to 67%

The Rapid Install Bracket combined features can speed up your installation time by up to 67%. In recent studies, experienced plumbers were able to install three Temptrol® valves using the Rapid Install Bracket in the same time it took to install one new Temptrol valve without the bracket.

Creates a Stable Installation

The Rapid Install Bracket creates a stable installation, particularly when using non-rigid supply lines, allowing you to go back and service the valve without fear of damaging the lines. The bracket is durable enough to withstand 150 pounds of torque.

Eliminates the Need to Measure Rough-In Depth

The Rapid Install Bracket sets the rough-in depth and features over 1 in. of give for completing your installation with surrounding tile/shower wall.

Made of Heat-Resistant Nylon

The Rapid Install Bracket can easily withstand heat applied to the Temptrol valve, such as when sweating a copper pipe.

Bracket Available Factory-Installed

You can purchase the Rapid Install Bracket factory installed on the Temptrol valve for additional time saving. Simply attach the included straps to the bracket and studs, and your installation is complete.

Save More Time with Factory-Installed Fittings

Combine the Rapid Install Bracket with factory installed PEX, CVPC, and ProPress fittings to reduce installation time to mere minutes.


Temptrol Rapid Install

Learn how the Rapid Install Bracket can help cut your installation time by up to 67%.

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5 Things You Can’t Do Faster

Installing with the Rapid Install Bracket is so fast, here are 5 things you can’t do faster.

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