NEW Temptrol Rapid Install™

The Industry Leading Shower Valve. Now Faster and Easier to Install.


Whether you’re working on a luxury multifamily high rise or a high school gym, the Temptrol® shower valve is the valve of choice to stand up to constant use, delivering a safe and comfortable shower each and every time.

About the NEW Temptrol Rapid Install Shower Valve:

  • Inlets and outlets are on one common plane
  • Available PEX crimp, PEX cold expansion, and CPVC connections
  • Available Rapid Install Bracket for faster and easier installation

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With the launch of our new Temptrol valve on April 2nd, we have made a change to the way you order the valve and shower systems from Symmons.

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See what Larry Giorgi from Giorgi Plumbing Co. has to say about his experience using Temptrol shower valves.


new feature for Temptrol

Inlets and Outlets Are on One Common Plane
Valve body size has been reduced and fits in a 2x3 or modular wall.

new feature for Temptrol

Works with PEX and CPVC
Factory-installed PEX crimp, PEX cold expansion, and CPVC connections are available, reducing installation time onsite.

alternative connections for Temptrol
Rapid Install Bracket for Temptrol
new feature for Temptrol

Available Rapid Install Bracket
Made of heat-resistant nylon, creates a stable installation, particularly when using non-rigid supply lines, and eliminates the need to measure rough-in, reducing installation time by up to 67%.

new feature for Temptrol

Stringer Mounts Built into Casting
Allows for easier installation of the valve and can be used to mount the valve to available rapid install bracket for faster and easier installation.

Rapid Install

In one study, an experienced plumber was able to install 3 new Temptrol Rapid Install valves using the specially designed Rapid Install Bracket in the same time it took to install 1 new Temptrol valve without the Bracket. While more studies need to be conducted, installation time will vary per installation type (CPVC, PEX, copper, etc.), the plumber’s professional experience, and the plumber’s experience installing Symmons®’ valves.

new feature for Temptrol

Available Test Cap
Factory-installed. Can be used to pressure test and flush the plumbing system.

new feature for Temptrol

Back-to-back Installation
Simply reverse the seats, and the same casting can be used for back-to-back installations.

new feature for Temptrol

Universal Tool to Remove Seats and Stops
Works on all versions of Symmons Temptrol® valves.

Temptrol Shower Valve with Test Cap
Temptrol Shower Valve with Test Cap

TA-10 Flow Control Spindle
Provides scald protection, and adjusts automatically to balance hot and cold water. Made of solid brass and bronze with a stainless steel piston customers have trusted for over 50 years.

Stainless-Steel Piston
Provides long-lasting, worry-free performance.

Red Brass Casting
Uses a lower percentage of zinc, reducing the potential for dezincification, which can lead to cracks and leaks in the valve body.

Available Integral Service Stops
Shut water off directly at the valve while servicing without disrupting water to other units.

Temperature Limit Stop Screw
The continuous thread stop screw allows for a more precise maximum water temperature to be set.

One Great Valve. Many Design Choices.
With a Symmons Temptrol valve behind the wall, you can upgrade to any Symmons trim in a variety of designs to quickly and inexpensively enhance any bathroom décor.

made in america Made in America
Every Temptrol valve is made in Symmons’ Braintree, Massachusetts manufacturing facility.

Easy re-trim with Symmons shower valve

A new version of the Temptrol S-valve will be available in 2020. Just like the current Temptrol S-valve, it will feature an integral diverter that can be configured to divert water between tub and shower or control volume.


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