Attention Distribution Partners:

With the launch of our new Temptrol® shower valve on April 2nd, we have made a change to the way you order the valve and shower systems from Symmons.

Introducing the New Temptrol Rapid Install™

The highest quality valve on the market. Now faster and easier to install.

What You Need to Know About the New Temptrol

  • Trim and valve are now sold separately, except for the Origins® Collection
  • Valve model numbers are changing:
    • “26” full valve SKUs (includes TA-10/12A)
    • “16” test cap SKUs (TA-10/12A ship with trim)
  • A factory-installed test cap is now available, which can be used to pressure test and flush the plumbing system
  • New Temptrol still uses the TA-10 flow control spindle
  • Rapid Install Bracket is available shipped from our factory pre-assembled to the valve and or shipped separately
  • The Rapid Install Bracket model number is RTS-076 when ordered as separate line item
  • PEX and CPVC fittings are available factory-installed
  • New universal tool is available (T35C)

The S-valve (features integral diverter/volume control) version of Temptrol will be available in March 2020.


new temptrol rapid install

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