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About Symmons

Since 1939, Symmons Industries has been a premier manufacturer of commercial and residential plumbing products, producing a variety of durable, reliable and beautifully designed products for everything from private homes to five-star hotels. Built on an 80+ year foundation of quality craftsmanship, Symmons places a premium on exceptional service. Beginning with the Temptrol® pressure-balancing, anti-scald shower valve, Symmons has always known it’s what’s inside that matters most. Today, we continue to innovate with custom fittings that create distinctive design solutions for commercial projects through Symmons Design Studio. It’s an inner strength and outward focus that makes Symmons the smart choice. Built to last, designed to stand out, and backed by a customer-first culture.

Headquartered in Braintree, MA, Symmons is a privately held company with regional sales offices and local representatives located throughout the United States and Canada.

Our History

Symmons core products were innovative and a first for the industry, and since the 1930s, Symmons has been a company committed to providing solutions. While working for a small plumbing manufacturer in Boston, Paul C. Symmons developed the idea of constructing an efficient pressure-balancing valve to provide a safe showering experience. More than 80 years later, Symmons is owned and operated by third-generation management and offers thousands of products including its core commercial products and premium kitchen and bath products.

temptrol valve cutaway

Cutaway of the revolutionary Temptrol® shower valve and Origins® shower trim.

first safetymix valve rendering

Paul C. Symmons's rendering of the first Safetymix valve.

Paul Symmons speculated that the problem of drastic and unsafe temperature change in the shower is caused by a fluctuation in water pressure which occurs as a result of demands elsewhere in the plumbing system, such as turning on a faucet, flushing a toilet, or running a dishwasher.

Realizing that there was a need for a product that will improve the showering experience was the motivation for Paul Symmons to start his own company in 1939 and design a valve that not only solved the problem of water temperature fluctuation, but also revolutionized the plumbing industry.

The valve design itself is relatively unchanged since the early 1940s and is constructed of solid brass, bronze, and stainless steel, which is why it has been used on many commercial projects in North America.

The high quality and workmanship of Symmons valves did not go unnoticed in those early years of World War II. Symmons Industries supplied essential parts for the construction of U.S. Naval torpedoes and received an award for product excellence. Later, Symmons was rewarded with some postwar government contracts to make shower valves for military barracks and other federal projects.

In 1956, Symmons Industries moved to a larger facility in South Boston. Over the next decade, the company expanded their product offerings, adding products such as a metering shower valve (Showeroff) and pre-assembled commercial showers (Hydapipes).

In 1956 Symmons Industries, Inc. was located in South Boston, Massachusetts.

Symmons Industries, Inc. is located in Braintree, Massachusetts.

In 1967, Symmons moved to their present location in Braintree. At that time, mass-production made it possible for Symmons to introduce a competitively-priced, pressure-balancing valve suitable for residential applications. The introduction of this product coupled with favorable plumbing code changes helped Symmons Industries to grow rapidly over the next 25 years. The growth of the Company was managed under the direction of Bill O’Keeffe, Paul’s son-in-law from 1987 to 2010. In 2006, Symmons rebranded itself by expanding its product line to include premium kitchen and bath products. The product expansion, as well as the new approach to selling, enabled Symmons to reassert itself in the plumbing industry.

Led by third-generation management Tim O’Keeffe, Symmons continues to focus on innovation and technology. As the company continues to expand in both the residential and commercial markets, Tim plans to focus on the company’s long-term strategic direction––creating product solutions that are built to last, designed to stand out and backed by a customer-first culture.

"When we look ahead to the next 80 years, we see opportunities to combine our heritage as a quality manufacturer of plumbing products with emerging technologies focused on water management as a service. Driven by a team relentlessly focused on creating value for our customers, Symmons will continue to be a symbol of successful American manufacturing innovation." - Tim O'Keeffe, CEO

Tim O'Keeffe headshot CEO Symmons Industries

Tim O'Keeffe, CEO of Symmons Industries.

About Symmons

At Symmons, we’ve built a foundation of quality craftsmanship by placing a premium on exceptional service. It’s an inner strength and outward focus that makes Symmons the smart choice. Built to last, designed to stand out, and backed by a customer-first culture.

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