Symmons Evolution

Evolution Captures Water Waste and Delivers ROI

Savings After Implementation


    Cubic feet of wasted water per day charged for water and sewer costs


    Per month in potential cost for undiscovered leak at cooling tower


    Per year in potential cost for undiscovered leak at cooling tower

Evolution uncovers the unknown overnight

When one of the largest owners of shopping malls in the United States suspected costly wasted water in its buildings, they dispatched Evolution. Wasted water is an elusive case that too often goes cold because leaks are so difficult to find in large commercial properties.

That’s where Evolution comes to the rescue. Its flow and usage sensing capabilities not only help you locate and resolve wasted water, but they also give you constant visibility into your systems, helping you find and fix any issues before they hijack your budget.

Evolution singlehandedly saved water, and lowered water, sewer, and energy bills.


    Investigate water flow and usage to locate any potential leaks or wasted water in large shopping mall.


    Installed a squad of flow sensors and examined time-tracked water flow and usage data to identify costly leaks.


    Evolution located an equipment failure that was unknowingly wasting thousands of gallons of water every night during off-hours.


On June 16, 2022, Evolution flow sensors reported for duty at a large shopping mall in the Boston area. Two uniquely different flow sensor technologies were needed to measure water usage and flow rate at the strategic locations throughout the property: Evolution Clamp-On Ultrasonic Pipe Flow Sensors and Evolution Water Utility Meter Sensors. Both of these sensors are non-invasive technologies that install in less than 10 minutes and require no system shutdown.


After only four days on stakeout, the Evolution sensors spotted a sneaky pattern of excess water usage of roughly 10 gallons per minute (10 GPM) to a cooling tower feed from approximately 11:00PM to 7:00AM every night, when no water usage was expected.

Using this data from the Evolution Dashboard, the property management’s engineer quickly discovered that a mechanical control valve that regulated the water consumption for the cooling tower was broken. Witnesses on scene reported that after repairing the part that day, water usage dropped to zero that night:

Leaks Never Take a Holiday

Without this time-tracked data from Evolution, this leak likely would have never been discovered, and hundreds of thousands of gallons of clean, potable water would be wasted each year, at an enormous cost to the property owners. Case closed.

Building Management

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Go beyond those clumsy, costly BMS systems that complicate your workload, confuse your staff, and drain your budget. Evolution is an agile, scalable building management system that uses non-invasive wireless sensors to identify water and HVAC issues and detect leaks. And it self-installs in under two hours for as low as $99 per month!

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