Symmons History

At Symmons, we make things right. We've always made things right.


With the global economy still reeling from The Great Depression, Paul Symmons takes a tremendous risk and opens his own company in the vacant Chickering Piano Building in Boston. The foundation of Symmons Industries is cast.

Little did he know at the time, but his early machine work with brass and stainless steel would eventually establish him as the innovator of the pressure-balancing shower valve – a time-tested design that remains as the industry benchmark to the current day.


Symmons Industries is flourishing in the economic boom of the ‘50s and moves to a larger facility in South Boston. It’s here that Symmons commercial and institutional products were designed and developed, such as the ShowerOff® metering shower valve and the HydaPipe® shower system.


Symmons moves yet again, this time to Braintree, just 10 minutes south of downtown Boston. The larger facility enables Symmons to increase their production floor and workforce to meet market demands and expand their research and development.


Paul Symmons, the founder and visionary behind the Symmons legacy, hands the torch to his son-in-law, Bill O’Keeffe.


The Symmons torch is passed once again, this time to Bill’s son and current CEO Tim O’Keeffe. The third generation of Symmons innovation has begun.

The decade begins with the same commitment to making things right, laser-focused on its hallmarks but also with an increasing commitment towards conservation, recycling, and global awareness.


Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it did. We redesigned the Temptrol® – the mother of all pressure-balancing shower valves. Why? Because we’re perfectionists, and we make things right.

Based on extensive feedback from plumbers, contractors, and engineers, we created a new generation of Temptrol with single-plane ports, enabling easier and more efficient installation.


Symmons enters the IoT space with Evolution®, an intelligent building management system of sensors dedicated to detecting water temperature, flow, usage, and leaks in buildings. A master dashboard of all system diagnostics gives maintenance teams real-time insights and alerts, right in the palm of their hand with the Evolution smartphone app.

2020... Oh, 2020!

2020 will undoubtedly go down as one of the most difficult years in modern history, yet the seasoned machinery and dedicated team at Symmons carried on, just as it had done during World War II and other economic challenges.

Despite everything, Symmons proudly announced ReadyStock™ – our commitment to our suppliers, contractors, and other industry professionals that top Symmons products will ship within 3 days.

7AM Sharp, Tomorrow Morning

The innovative drive that pushed Paul Symmons to create something better back in ’39, at such a perilous economic period in global history, speaks to his commitment.

That same innovative drive remains in our DNA today, and the commitment to create better, safer, and more reliable products is stronger than ever.

At Symmons, we make things right.

“I come across Symmons valves that I put in 20, 30 years ago and they're still operating.”

Our Culture

Our innovation-driven culture offers the opportunity for you to learn, grow, and to be part of a forward-moving team. Our people strategy is focused on growing from within and ensuring all our team members have opportunities to shine from the inside out.

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