Why Symmons

High-quality brass and metals, durable finishes, eye-catching designs, precision engineering, and flat-out hard work. Everything about us, from our products to our customer service, is about integrity. That’s what Symmons is all about.


Our Story

In 1939, Paul Symmons advanced the plumbing industry by inventing the first anti-scald, pressure-balancing valve. Eighty years later his legacy lives on through the Temptrol® valve, which is still made right here in the USA.

While the vision of Paul Symmons is never out of sight, we’re constantly pressing forward, challenging ourselves and the industry to be better… to do better.

As we design and redesign the minute details, we’re also conscious of the bigger things, like water conservation, energy reduction, and global impact.

That’s what we do here at Symmons—We Make Things Right.


A History of Innovation

Day after day, year after year, we’re working to create new products that make life easier, more enjoyable, and more hygienic. Designs that optimize and revitalize, automate and invigorate, all integrated with the constant sustainability objectives of water and energy conservation.

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In the Name of Quality

In a far corner of the Symmons facilities in Braintree, Massachusetts, there’s a QA Lab, humming with the sounds of pistons, gears, and compressors. The atmosphere is a bit of mad scientist-meets-mechanical engineer. LED displays flash excessive pressures in valves, media blasters pummel chrome finishes, and robotic arms endlessly flail faucet handles. It’s the room that separates Symmons products from all others.

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Our Promise

At Symmons, Our Promise to you is that we’ll make things right. What does that mean? It means many things, all of which are focused on you, our customers. Our warranties support our confidence in our high-quality, durable plumbing products, and in the people who make them.
Here are a few reasons why we stand behind every product we make…

Our History

Realizing that there was a need for a product that could improve the showering experience, Paul Symmons established Symmons Industries in 1939.
He designed a valve that not only solved the problem of water temperature fluctuation, but also revolutionized the plumbing industry by ensuring consistent and safe water temperatures.
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Our Culture

Our innovation-driven culture offers the opportunity for our employees to learn, grow, and to be part of a forward-moving team. Our people strategy is focused on growing from within and ensuring all our team members have opportunities to shine from the inside out.
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