Evolution® Building Management

Evolution’s plug-and-play wireless sensors keep a close eye on all aspects of your building’s water systems while lowering your operating costs.

Non-invasive sensors for temperature, flow, metering, and leaks self-install in less than two hours. Data is relayed to the Evolution Dashboard to alert staff 24/7 via when water issues occur, all for as low as $150 per month!


Unpack, Install & Track

  • Evolution Sensors & Gateway Setup

    Based on your specific building needs, the Evolution team will help you determine the best sensor types and locations. All sensors self-install in minutes by simply scanning a few QR codes.

  • The Evolution Dashboard

    When the sensors are connected to the Evolution network, they’ll immediately begin gathering information. This time-tracked reporting enables you see where and when issues are happening.

  • 24/7 Alerting

    Evolution’s configurable temperature, flow, usage, and leak thresholds alert your team via email, text, or phone. Fast alerts mean faster response to resolve issues and prevent property damage.


Get the Inside Scoop

See what’s going on inside your water system. Evolution gives time-tracked analyses and customizable 24/7 alerts for water temperature, flow, usage, and leaks. Stay ahead of angry complaints, high bills, and property damage by pinpointing and solving chronic and intermittent water issues before they become costly.


Monitor Your Building’s Pulse

With the Evolution Dashboard, you’ll see exactly when and where things go wrong, giving you time to resolve problems quickly. And with 24/7 alerts, Evolution notifies your staff fast to prevent issues from temperature fluctuations, high usage, wasted water during off-hours, and property-damaging leaks.


    Real-time temperature reporting for highly accurate readings of key mechanical system service points.


    Current and historical water usage reporting from flow sensors to locate unknown wasted water.


    Non-invasive utility meter sensors identify inaccurate readings that lead to high water bills.


    Leak detectors located throughout your property notify you instantly when costly water issues arise.


    Shorten your team's response time to critical issues through real-time notifications directly to staff.

Evolution Packages & Pricing


6-Sensor Package

Monitor your property's critical components.


+$3,240 One-time hardware

  • (2) Temperature Sensors

  • (2) Leak Detectors

  • (1) Utility Meter Sensor

  • (1) Ultrasonic Flow Sensor

  • (1) Cellular Gateway

  • Web Dashboard

  • iOS/Android App

  • 24x7x365 Alerting

Additional Sensors

Expand your visibility and save even more of your operational budget.


Per additional sensor

  • Temperature Sensor - $130

  • Leak Detector - $130

  • Metering Sensor - $400 - $750

  • Ultrasonic Flow Sensor - $1,100 - $3,200

“The fact that I don’t have to worry about hot water going to our guest rooms is a comfort. The satisfaction and peace of mind the Symmons system gives us as managers is incredible.”

Bob Sighinolfi, General Manager, Hampton Inn & Suites




Case Studies

  • Overnight Hot Water Failure Detected

    System triggers immediate alert, ensuring issue is fixed before occupants’ morning shower.

    View Case Study

  • Chronic Hotel Water Issues Solved

    Platform identifies closed valve and deadheading pump delaying hot water to guests.

    View Case Study

  • Incorrect Water Settings Discovered

    Unaware of existing water issues, this hotel learns it has cold showers.

    View Case Study

  • Evolution Uncovers the Unknown Overnight

    Evolution captures water waste and delivers ROI.

    View Case Study

  • 100+

    Properties Protected

  • 12,000+

    Rooms/Units Protected

  • 2,000+

    Issues Caught

  • 3,500+

    Sensors Installed

  • 400+

    Leaks Detected


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