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3 Advantages of Going Custom with Plumbing Fixtures and Accessories

3 Advantages of Going Custom

The guest experience is one of the most crucial factors in the success your Hospitality client’s property. Give your client a distinct advantage for delivering a positive guest experience by exploring custom solutions for plumbing fixtures and accessories.

Adapt to Structural Constraints

Historical buildings radiate romance and enchantment. However, the same features that make a hotel charming can become a renovation nightmare. Old structures oftentimes come with limitations, such as cramped quarters and poor water pressure. Therefore, specifying modern plumbing fixtures and accessories could threaten to compromise the charm that made the hotel so desirable in the first place.

Smaller-scale plumbing fixtures and accessories can be custom-made in the hotel’s original design aesthetic to maximize limited guest bathroom space without sacrificing appearance. For buildings with low water pressure, faucets can be fitted with pressure-compensating aerators, boosting the strength of the water from the taps. Built in 1902, the Algonquin Hotel, a Marriott® Autograph Collection hotel in New York City, addressed these same potential renovation issues with custom plumbing fixture solutions. Read more about the Algonquin Hotel’s renovation and customization experience in our eBook, Creative Solutions for Hospitality Architectural Challenges.

3 Advantages of Going Custom with Plumbing Fixtures and Accessories Extended Selection Lavatory Faucet SLW 8702 1.5

The custom lavatory faucets shown in this guest bathroom have a “step” feature for added visual interest that maintains the hotel’s historic feel.

Create the Ultimate Luxury

“[A] study published in February by the Hotel School at the SC Johnson College of Business at Cornell University [analyzed] online reviews to learn which aspects of a hotel stay matter most to guests. The study covers more than 95,000 reviews on TripAdvisor, Expedia, and for 99 independent hotels that are members of Preferred Hotels & Resorts….  [The] word “bathroom” appears more often in negative reviews….” –

Help your client avoid negative publicity—and stand out from its competitors—when you select premium plumbing fixtures to create a completed look that exudes extravagance, quality, and cleanliness. Tailor all aspects of your bathroom suite for your client—including the plumbing fixtures and accessories—to give your client’s guests the best impression impossible.

A custom plumbing partner can elevate your plumbing fixtures for a unique and memorable aesthetic by:

  • Exploring custom finishes and etched designs for the fixtures and accessories to deliver on your client’s complete design vision

Symmons Design Studio™ worked with a luxury resort owner to help fulfill their design vision of bringing elements of nature and the hotel’s local geography into the guest bathroom. Together, they collaborated on the design for a custom etched Roman tub bridge-style faucet. 

  • Engineering the plumbing fixtures’ functionality to achieve a desired effect and look

Bridge Faucet 1 3 Advantages of Going Custom with Plumbing Fixtures and Accessories

Design Studio custom designed and engineered this Roman tub bridge-style faucet to produce a laminar (i.e. following a singular, streamlined path, free of bubbles and other movement) flow of water. The laminar flow’s effect feels like a waterfall when it pours out, creating a spa-like atmosphere for guests as they unwind in their deep soaking tub.

  • Achieving the one-of-a-kind look by creating custom configurations and modifications of existing catalog products

CD0553-3505-CYL-HSB2.0TRM Ver A - Source = Symmons 3 Advantages of Going Custom with Plumbing Fixtures and Accessories

Design Studio worked with an urban luxury hotel and casino developer’s architectural firm to combine products from the Dia® and Sereno® Collections along with custom-designed hand showers.

Meet ADA Requirements While Maintaining a Cohesive Look Across Guest Suites

The right custom plumbing partner can help you unify the design of all of your client’s available guests suites by providing custom solutions for ADA guest bathrooms. Custom ADA fixtures and accessories can be produced in the same finishes, design, and aesthetic as what was specified for the non-ADA compliant guest suites.

ADA shower hand shower trim 3 Advantages of Going Custom with Plumbing Fixtures and Accessories

Design Studio worked with a downtown boutique hotel developer to ensure that the hotel’s ADA-compliant bathrooms featured fixtures in the same custom Copper finish as its other guest suites. The A&D rendering of the custom ADA compliant tub/shower system is shown here. 

Bringing your client’s design vision to life in every detail of the guest bathroom adds value not only in the finished bathroom suite, but also in the hotel owner and/or developer’s partnership with you. Going custom with plumbing fixtures and accessories can eliminate inspiration restrictions and engineering roadblocks. Consult one of our Design Consultants to learn more about our Design Studio capabilities and solutions.

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