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Advantages of Point-of-Use Thermostatic Mixing Valves in Commercial Applications

In modern commercial settings, point-of-use thermostatic mixing valves are the industry standard, and with good reason. These valves, more commonly known in the field as TMVs, are often required by code and they have quite a few advantages for property owners. Symmons offers the MaxLine valves, which have been the go-to TMV for decades. MaxLine valves are a reliable, durable option built using quality components that will last, even in the most intense commercial settings. Let’s take a look at how TMVs are beneficial in commercial applications.

1. Improved Sanitation

One of the primary ways to improve sanitation in commercial settings is to reduce the need to touch objects or surfaces. Point-of-use TMVs accomplish this by pre-mixing hot and cold water to safe and comfortable temperatures at bathroom sinks and other fixtures. This preset temperature eliminates the need for users to touch faucets, or it feeds a sensor faucet directly. Not only does this tempered water make things more sanitary for people using these fixtures, but easier for cleaning crews, too. Less people touching fixtures leads to easier sanitation procedures.

2. Scald Prevention

MaxLine TMVs are designed to be set and locked to a preset temperature, often to comply with local plumbing code requirements. From a safety standpoint, this is crucial to prevent accidental scalds from turning water on too hot. Those at the highest risk for accidental scalding are children, the elderly, or those with limited mobility, and TMVs like the MaxLine ensure these situations don’t occur.

3. Legionella Prevention

This risk ties in with scald prevention because the other way to prevent scalding is to turn water temperature down at the water heater—but temperatures too low in a water heating system can trigger the growth of Legionella bacteria, which can in turn cause bacterial pneumonia in afflicted people. Use a MaxLine TMV to prevent scalding at the point of use so that you can keep temperatures higher in the water heater, thus preventing Legionella bacterial growth.

4. Comfort

In commercial settings, it’s common to see faucets plumbed in succession, as with a long row of sinks. People using these fixtures at the same time can cause inconsistent water temperatures at each sink. Thermostatic mixing valves prevent this situation by regulating water temperature at the point of use, making the experience comfortable and safe. Another advantage that improves comfort is the fact that these valves are able to regulate temperature when the water starts flowing, which means no wasted water and no waiting for the temperature to adjust before washing hands.

5. Tamper-Proof Hardware

MaxLine valves in particular are resistant to tampering—which is important in high traffic public spaces that are prone to vandalism. These valves feature a locking vandal-resistant temperature adjustment cap, which helps prevent unauthorized people from adjusting temperatures beyond of safe ranges.

6. Durability and Design Options

MaxLine valves are tough, made with lead-free metal components and stainless-steel strainers to protect against suspended particles in supply lines. Even in high-traffic settings, they’ll go the distance. Quality is paired with a variety of design choices—different fittings to plumb into compression, copper, PEX, and other types of piping, plus different finishes, too.  MaxLine thermostatic mixing valves come with a lot of advantages. In commercial applications, they improve safety, sanitation, and comfort.


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