The Most Reliable Mates Around!

LaundryMate® and IceMate™

Our widest, most versatile recessed laundry and ice maker boxes will fit right in.

Does the blueprint call for a laundry valve or an ice maker? Maybe both? Save time, money, and the skin on your knuckles by installing the new LaundryMate® and IceMate™ recessed valve boxes from Symmons. Most boxes on the market are cramped and barely have enough room for the valve, not to mention the supply or drain lines (or your hands!).


    Widest box available makes it easier—and painless—to install, while still allowing two boxes in one standard 16” stud bay.


    Versatile modular interlocking box design gives you the flexibility to configure the best water supply and drain line locations in the field.


    Avoid disturbing the peace with optional factory-installed certified water hammer arrestors for LaundryMate and IceMate valves.


    Ball valve supply with a 1/4" compression fitting in a flush-mounted box allows the fridge to go all the way back to the wall.

Widest Box Available

Rough-In Doesn’t Have to be Rough!

The redesigned LaundryMate and IceMate boxes are the widest available, yet two boxes will fit within a 16” stud bay. Each box is configurable to accommodate piping from any direction, and they’re modular, with an interlocking tab system to make aligning boxes a snap.



LaundryMate® (LM600A)

The new LaundryMate laundry outlet box from Symmons is the widest dual-box available today. As you can see, the new LaundryMate has the most options available for arrestors and PEX connectors of any outlet box, with the durability and quality of Symmons.

And to meet code requirements in certain areas, LaundryMate features individual hot and cold quarter-turn ball valves, with or without ASSE 1010-approved water hammer arrestors.

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So Cool!

IceMate (IM600A)

IceMate is the new ice maker outlet box from Symmons, so you know you can rely on it for durability. IceMate has a full range of options for arrestors and PEX connectors to meet code and piping requirements. When compared with other ice maker outlet boxes on the market today, IceMate ices the competition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect my plumbing drain to the PVC box?

The bottom of the box has an integrated 2” PVC fitting. Simply glue a piece of 2” PVC pipe into the box fitting using PVC cleaner and glue.

Are the supply box and the drain box the same part?

Yes, LaundryMate includes two identical boxes. There are multiple ways these boxes can be used, but the most common method is one box for the water supply valves and the other for washing machine drain.

How do I connect the drain outlet on my box to a metal drain pipe in my plumbing system?

First, glue a short piece of 2” PVC pipe into the bottom of the box using PVC cleaner and glue. Then, use a transitional fitting coupling, like a “No-Hub” clamp or “Mission” clamp, which can be purchased at a plumbing supply house or home improvement story. Check your local code for any restrictions or additional fittings needed.

Are the decorative covers paintable?

Yes! LaundryMate’s covers are made of High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) and can be painted with most interior household paints.

How do I remove the knockout test caps from the drain line fitting in the box?

With a screwdriver and hammer, gently break the knockout and then remove it with pliers. The knockout is thinner at the edges so it should break cleanly, but just make sure the plug does not enter the drain.

Can the supply box be installed upside down?

Yes the supply box and supply valves can be installed in any orientation. The orientation will not affect the water hammer arrestors in any way.

The drain box must be installed with the 2″ drain port on the bottom for environments where the Universal Law of Gravitation is in place.

What connection options are available for the washing machine supply valves?

The connection options are ½” copper sweat, ½” PEX Crimp (F1807), and ½” PEX Cold Expansion (F1960). Threaded PEX adapters are supplied with the P1 and P2 adapters and are installed in the field.

How do I install the funnel?

After the test plug has been removed, deburr the opening and snap the funnel in place. Install the washing machine drain hose and then install the hose clamp around the washing machine drain hose with the two supplied screws. Refer to the included Installation Instructions for full details.

How do I connect an ABS plumbing drain to the PVC box?

A threaded mechanical joint is recommended to connect the PVC box to an ABS plumbing drain line. An example of this type of joint is a 2” PVC external threaded adapter connected to a 2” ABS internal threaded adapter. Another option is to use a special ABS-to-PVC Green transition cement.

Can I add my own PEX adapter to the ½” supply valves?

Yes! Any piping connector that is compatible by threading onto ½” IPS threads can be added to the supply valves.

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