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Commercial Faucets and Soap Dispensers: Sensor vs Traditional

Most people don’t think twice about the sink or soap dispenser in their home or in a commercial bathroom. The feeling of turning on a faucet or touching a soap dispenser is so normal, how could anything new come along?

That’s where Symmons steps in, revolutionizing the way you think about hygiene and helping to increase protection against germs and bacteria from traditional faucets and soap dispensers. We’re proud to be a partner in the fight against germs and bacterial spread, while also increasing efficiency and accessibility, making your life just a little bit easier.

The Need to Improve Traditional Faucets and Soap Dispensers

Although you can find traditional faucets and soap dispensers everywhere, from public restrooms, commercial property restrooms, parks, hotel lobbies, and airports, this doesn’t mean they’re the safest option for the public. In fact, there are certain downfalls and risks associated with these fixtures:

Higher Risk of Bacterial Transmission

Traditional faucets and soap dispensers require the touch of a hand in order to operate. As you reach out to touch the sink handle or dispenser, it’s important to understand the potential risks that lie within your reach. According to the NSF Public Health and Safety Organization, sink handles contain more than 600 times more microorganisms per square inch than a toilet handle, making them one of the most germ-ridden areas in any part of a building.

Soap dispensers are no different, with recent studies done in the United States finding that 25% of bulk-soap-refillable dispensers were excessively contaminated with germs and bacteria. These refillable dispensers are located in public restrooms, shattering the illusion that these commercial-grade dispensers are safe and continually sterilized for the protection of the public.

Lack of Accessibility

According to the CDC, an estimated 58.5 million people in the United States struggle with some form of arthritis. This condition can make it difficult to do even the simplest activity, such as turning the sink faucet on and off. Faucet handles that do not meet ADA compliance, such as decorative round handles that require grip to turn, can be difficult or impossible to operate by people with arthritis or other mobility issues.

Sensor Faucets and Soap Dispensers for a Better Life

Symmons believes in the power of innovative designs that are designed for life, made for purpose, and are built without compromise. We’re on a mission to help provide accessible designs that can help reduce the spread of viruses and germs.

Unlike traditional faucets and soap dispensers, you won’t have to worry about possible contaminants on the outside of the sink handle or soap dispenser when you use an ActivSense™ touchless faucet. No more touching mysteriously wet surfaces with your clean, washed hands.

People that struggle with simple movements such as turning the faucet on and off will also have a chance to easily wash away germs and bacteria, adding convenience and accessibility to a critical area of their life.

It’s Only Right to Use Sensor Faucets and Soap Dispensers by Symmons

There’s no doubt that hand-washing is one of the most effective ways of reducing the spread of germs and bacteria. When combined with beautiful designs that are hands-free and easy to use, the power of handwashing becomes even more pronounced, and all the more safe.

At Symmons, we’ve got your back in the battle against disease spread and the fight for accessibility. Our sensor faucets and soap dispensers have the right combination of easy-to-install, reliable, and beautiful styles to make them the most essential fixtures for your commercial property.

To see our full line of ActivSense Faucets and Soap Dispensers, head on over to the ActivSense page on

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