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Availability, durability, and price. Those are the key points that make an immediate impression on a project bid, but it’s the quality that makes a lasting impression on the future families who’ll rely on Symmons every day.

Symmons has an expansive catalog of time-tested, commercial-grade products to fit every design style, installation type, and price point. And they’re built to last, so your reputation—and ours—lives on for generations.

Features, Advantages, and Benefits

Boots-on-the-ground multi-residential projects are where Symmons earned its reputation for durability, quality, and value. We have a full line of products, finishes, and styles, backed by the best warranty around.

  • Built to Last

    Symmons uses only the highest quality materials, like semi-red brass, bronze, and stainless steel for its valves, just as we've always done since 1939.

  • Reliable, Repeatable

    Symmons products have been designed and refined for faster, easier installation in the field to dramatically cut labor and material costs.

  • Solid 10-Year Warranty

    Symmons makes things right and backs them up with its industry-best 10-Year Warranty.

“When we need the product delivered, it's delivered.”

Eben Tormey


Accessibility and Safety

The Symmons lineup currently includes more than 3000 ADA-compliant products including shower valves, hand showers, faucets, grab bars and other accessories.

All products feature durable metals designed for safety and easy cleaning.

  • ADA Compliant

  • Preferred for Multifamily

  • 10-Year Warranty

We Make Things Right

  • Elements for Every Style

    Symmons has a full palette of design collections and finishes to match - or mix - with the classics or latest trends. Or let our Design Studio help you create a style for your unique design vision.

  • Easy Installation

    Time is money, and plumbing rates can really make a dent. Symmons understands on-site needs and restrictions and designs products that make installation a win-win for clients and contractors.

  • Best Bang for the Buck

    An all-metal commercial valve with a durable finish, machined and built in the USA, at a competitive price? Yup, you read that right. Check us out—we'll be right here when you're ready.

  • Conserve and Preserve

    Water is the basis of all life, and at Symmons, we take that seriously. Our faucets and valves are designed with water conservation in mind, with engineering and QA to prevent leaks and waste.

  • Reputation for Reliability

    Since 1939, Symmons has been a trusted source for commercial plumbing products. We take that reputation seriously, and raise the bar every day for quality, design, and customer service.

  • We Make It Right

    At Symmons, we take pride in our outstanding customer service. If you have a question or an issue regarding any of our products, give us a call at 1 800 SYMMONS and we’ll make it right.

Safety First

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