Mix It Up with Mixed Metals

Blend Mixed Metals into your design with custom plumbing fixtures and accessories through Symmons Design Studio. Mixed Metal faucets, shower valves, and accessories give kitchen and bath spaces a unique look, with the freedom to incorporate contrasting finishes for lighting, mirrors, and other accents.


Satin Nickel & Brushed Bronze

The combination of Satin Nickel’s subtle Modern Industrial texture is softened by the luxurious hints of Brushed Bronze. The muted sheen of both finishes delivers an understated elegance that complements any background palette.


Matte Black & Brushed Bronze

For a truly striking appearance, mix the refined touch of Brushed Bronze with a dramatic Matte Black finish. These contrasting finishes join together perfectly to form the most-requested custom finish from Symmons Design Studio to date.


Polished Nickel & Satin Bronze

The subdued texture of Satin Bronze contrasts the brilliant shine of Polished Nickel for an eye-catching combination that lends itself perfectly to spaces that feature ample lighting. These two finishes provide just the right amount of depth, gleam, and tone.


Make Your Ideas Shine with Design Studio

Our Design Consultants are experts with our Mixed Metal finishes. They’re industry-insiders, with their fingers on the pulse of the latest trends in interior design and kitchen and bath spaces. If you’d like to meet with one of our talented consultants, just drop us a line and we’ll help create your own unique custom designs.

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