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How to Follow Hotel Brand Standards Successfully – and Make Your Client Happy


Hotel brand standards are the key to making not only future guests happy, but also hotel owners and other stakeholders (think: investors and lenders) even happier. As such, coming up with these standards is no small feat. Hotel brands oftentimes engage outside partners or branding agencies to conduct market research, interview target customers, and then unify all of their findings and recommendations into one slick presentation. That said, once you are hired for a hotel interior design project, you are responsible for demonstrating strong ROI and sticking to the project’s budget, all while adhering to brand guidelines. Here’s how to make sure your next hotel project stands out. 

Know the Hotel Brand Standards by Heart.

When embarking on a new project, commit the brand standards to memory so that they inform every decision you make moving forward. Seek out all resources that document the hotel brand’s desired look and feel. Read up on the target customer, and understand:

  • Why they would stay in this hotel (e.g. business, leisure, etc.)
  • What kind of experience they are looking for (e.g. luxury, convenience, etc.), and 
  • What features and amenities should be at the hotel to greet guests when they get there. 

Ask whether there are any approved product specification packages you should be aware of.  Know the product options in each of these packages, and keep them in mind when you build your strategy for creating beautiful yet functional spaces. When you stick to the approved specification packages, you will have added peace of mind that you are making brand-friendly choices.

Some Things Are up for Debate.

Within the brand standards, you’ll find specifications that are pretty cut and dry, such as how much floor space you’ll have to work with for common areas or the exact size of the bathrooms for each room tier. But some of the elements in the hotel brand standards are far more subjective and are intended to inspire your choices.  What do you do when a brand wants to achieve a “chic but approachable” look and feel? Or they are going after the “no frills, budget-savvy business executive” as their target guest? There’s no science for any of these requirements, but you’ll need to ask yourself whether every design choice measures up against the brand’s guidelines.

Think Big Picture. But Don’t Forget About the Details. 

To the best of your ability, make the time to choose out every detail in accordance with brand standards. This is crucial to helping the hotel solidify their brand across all of their locations, as well as helping achieve a consistent brand experience for hotel guests no matter what location they choose to stay at. Every design choice matters, including layout, lighting, furniture, equipment available, and fixtures. Whenever you find yourself strapped for time or must delegate a design decision to another teammate, make sure that you have final sign-off before the a detail fixture is purchased and installed.  

Think Big Picture with Your Details. 

Items like bathroom fixtures can oftentimes be purchased as a product suite. Instead of picking out one fixture at a time, explore whether other items in the product suite can help you develop a cohesive, memorable look. A bathroom faucet that coordinates not only with the shower system but also the towel bar, toilet paper holder, and robe hooks makes for a more powerful statement. 

Turn your hotel client into repeat business with the tips above and by choosing Symmons Hospitality solutions. Looking for more inspiration? These case studies show how Symmons helped create the ideal hotel bathrooms to delight each brand’s guests.

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