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Health and Wellness: 4 Amenities That Will Keep Hotel Guests Healthy and Happy

hotel-health-wellness-blog-hero-imageThere is an increased emphasis on health and wellness that doesn’t stop simply when a traveler must leave the comfort of their normal routine.

It’s estimated that wellness tourism is an expanding industry that’s estimated at $563 billion.

Hotel guests are no longer simply satisfied with a single option for maintaining their health. Instead, they want choices that fit into their daily routine and that cater to their needs at any given time.

Amenities to Appeal to Health- and Wellness-Conscious Guests


1. Fitness Center with Onsite Showers

A hotel’s fitness center is still the heart of any wellness-centric design. Convenience here plays a significant part in the frequency that guests access this service though. Facilities that make it easy for their guests to transition from workout time to the next activity on their agenda with amenities like onsite showers keep their guests’ health and happiness top of mind.

2. Workout Equipment in the Room

Some hotel guests prefer to exercise in the privacy of their own rooms. Others find that doing so is a better fit for their schedules. Hotels like Hilton are integrating fitness concepts into select rooms that offer guests a choice of exercise options.

By combining sleep options as well as multiple fitness experiences provides guests with the comfort and convenience of home. Integrated accessories such as an indoor bike, space for floor workouts and exercise apparatus that can provide several different exercise configurations provide smart ways for hotel guests to maintain their workout routine.

4. Spa/Massage Center

Much like a fitness center, a hotel’s spa and massage center offers guests an on-site method of protecting their health and wellness — even when they’re away from home. A dedicated spa/massage center provides access to professionals that can accommodate a variety of massage and spa services that guests can book at their leisure.


5. Spa-like Experience in the Guest’s Bathroom

Providing their guests with choices designed to accommodate their needs and schedules is vital when hotels are focused on guest health and wellness. Some guests might not have a schedule that accommodates spa treatments. These guests might still rely on them as part of their daily self-care. Designing the shower using a specialized showerhead or handheld unit enables these busy travelers to revel in the invigorating effects of a spa without having to squeeze in one more thing on their to-do list.

According to Danica Boyd, senior operations manager at Wyndam Hotels & Resorts, travelers focused on wellness are willing to pay a premium for their health. This translates to these guests spending about 130 percent more on hotel amenities. Smart hotel design and reconfiguration is necessary to capture this market.

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