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How to Improve Your Hotel’s Operations: 3 Recommendations

how to increase hotel operations efficiency

how to increase hotel operations efficiency

Improving your hotel’s operations can lead to having a highly efficient building and staff that can provide a greater level of service. Yet you may be wondering how to make these improvements. Consider focusing on these three main areas, and then you can expand to streamline the rest of your services.

set quality standards

Uphold Accountability

In the hotel industry, a problem can arise with service that might be put off for another day, week, or month because no one wants to take responsibility. This issue increases for many operations because staff work on rotating day and evening shifts.

It falls onto your shoulders to educate the staff on what their job roles are and the quality standards that must be maintained. Staff should know that if a problem arises, they can’t put it off for the next shift to deal with. The problem needs to be addressed immediately so as not to impact guests. In addition, you should perform spot checks to ensure that the issues are getting remedied in a timely fashion.

Invest in Staff

A well-equipped staff can provide a higher level of service to your guests. Provide training opportunities for your staff. Send them to conferences, seminars, and retreats. You can also bring in industry leaders and key speakers to talk with staff at the hotel for an interactive experience.

In addition to training opportunities, provide staff with the tools, software, and equipment that they need to make their work more productive. Some solutions include:

  • Automated billing and payment processing systems for accounting departments
  • Call center and customer support applications for sales associates
  • Enterprise resource planning systems for management
  • Facilities management software for hotel maintenance personnel
  • Communications software, such as WhatsApp or Slack, throughout departments and staff

Lastly, don’t forget to provide bonuses and incentive programs to your staff. A worker that feels appreciated and is rewarded for their hard work will stay motivated at their job. They will increase their work output, and this leads to your guests having a positive guest experience.

perform time studies

Look for Efficiency Opportunities

It’s easy to overlook the small areas in your operations that could be improved because you want to spend the time, money, or resources on the larger projects. However, if you add up all those small areas together, you may see that these small improvements will lead to higher levels of efficiency and greater levels of customer satisfaction.

Before starting any improvements, perform studies of work processes. Learn everything about the task — from how many employees have to complete the job, how long it takes for the work to be completed, and any tools that are put into use. Then look into making improvements to each aspect of the task.

Instead of one worker doing the task, see if work productivity can be sped up with two people. Also, invest in software and technologies that can offer additional support. Use water management software and sensors to detect water temperature and performance issues, and reservation software to verify hotel bookings, flight information, and room extras.

When it comes to making hotel improvements, focus on streamlining customer service, providing additional training for staff, and upgrading technologies to increase the efficiency of operations. By streamlining hotel tasks, you will see a noticeable difference when guests come to stay. They will be happy to return again and share positive reviews with their family and friends.

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