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Mission Control: The Symmons Evolution Building Management System

As a building manager, what if you had virtual eyes in every corner of your building, sensing leaks, watching fluctuations in water or HVAC temperature, and then reporting back to you with real-time alerts on your phone? Or how about a dashboard that shows an active timeline of all water system risers and returns—a sort of “mission control” for your building? Evolution® by Symmons can give you that level of oversight, at a price that’s hard to overlook.

Evolution uses non-invasive sensor technology that networks with a dedicated wireless gateway to give you real-time readings. What does “non-invasive sensor technology” mean? It means Evolution sensors can be installed in minutes without special tools and without shutting down any water systems.

Water Temperature Issues Lead to Resident Temper Issues

In commercial, hospitality, and multi-residential spaces, water temperature complaints are the #1 headache for building and property managers. They can ruin a resident’s experience and cause managers to scramble for a quick resolution. And to make matters worse, maintenance technicians often have no clear starting point of where or what to troubleshoot when things go wrong.

The source of these temperature issues can be extremely difficult to pinpoint, with technicians often relying on aging, inaccurate thermometers that can be affected by corrosion or scale on their inline wells. Crawling around in cramped, dark mechanical rooms muttering “Maybe this valve is the issue” or “Let’s try this and see if it changes anything” is often inefficient and unsuccessful.

Evolution Flips the Switch

Evolution changes that troubleshooting process completely. It “turns on the lights” in that mechanical room and lets you “see” everything that’s happening inside your water and HVAC systems, from anywhere. Alerts will trigger and notify you via text, email, or phone call when certain thresholds are crossed or when sensors detect active leaks. This critical information is accessible from the Evolution portal or through the Evolution app for Apple® iOS® or Android® for phones and tablets.

Evolution is scalable for a wide variety of building sizes and configurations. Expansion is simple; if you need more sensors, just add them. And since Evolution sensors mount externally and don’t require wells, they can be placed anywhere in the system. Identifying tricky temperature drops or spikes can be as simple as logging on to the Evolution dashboard and reviewing the sensor feedback data.

The Value of Evolution

Since inception, Evolution has installed more than 2,500 sensors, identified more than 1,000 issues, and detected more than 100 leaks. It would be difficult to put a dollar value on those issues if they went undetected, but Evolution’s efficient real-time monitoring and preventative alerts has certainly saved countless headaches. Our existing users would say that Evolution is invaluable.

Evolution has three package tiers with different amounts of sensors, depending upon the size of your building or the level of monitoring you choose. Evolution has a low upfront cost with a minimal monthly rate. Since Evolution can be self-installed, you save installation costs right off the bat.

Experience Evolution

If you’re interested in hearing more about the Symmons Evolution Building Management System, contact us and we’ll be happy to provide a demonstration and examples of existing systems in place today that are changing the way building water and HVAC systems are managed.

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