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Ideas for Bathroom Design: 4 Perfect Material Pairings


Choosing the materials and fixtures to complement the look and feel of your project can be difficult, especially when it comes to Multifamily and Hospitality properties. Any ideas for bathroom design need to consider a trend’s lifespan, which makes the decision-making process even harder.

We’ve made things easy by picking out a few perfect material pairings detailed below:

1. Mahogany, rose quartz, oil rubbed bronze faucet and fixtures


When you’re looking to create a historic atmosphere with flare, incorporating quartz countertops can add a look reminiscent of an old-world sculpture. Adding in a trendy material like rose quartz balances new and old. Top the design off with a sophisticated fixture like our Winslet faucet, also available in polished chrome and satin nickel.

2. Gray reclaimed wood, white marble, polished graphite faucet and fixtures


Rustic meets chic with this winning combination. Gray reclaimed wood reminds us of a country farmhouse, which provides the perfect opposition and balance to the industrial look of polished graphite fixtures. This combination perfectly suits the contemporary look of the Museo collection.

3. Ebony wood, white quartz, satin nickel faucet and fixtures


A perfect combination for the minimalist client. Limit the number of colors and textures within your bathroom design, and instead focus on simplicity. The ebony wood paired with white quartz keeps a neutral color pallet, and integrating satin nickel fixtures keeps the look clean. The geometric Durocollection is the perfect pairing for this modern design.

4. White wood, black granite, brushed bronze faucet and fixtures


For when your project look is modern, but refined. The black and gold color pallet appears futuristic, but maintains a classical element when paired with a more traditional white wood cabinet. Top off your design with a custom faucet using Symmons Design Studio. Start by choosing a faucet such as the modern, yet timeless Identity line, and customize it with a brushed bronze finish.

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