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Symmons Launches 3-Tier Stocking Program


Braintree, Massachusetts (April 10, 2023) — Symmons®, a leading manufacturer of high-quality shower valves, faucets, control valves, and bath accessories today announced the launch of its new three-tier stocking program, which gives customers full Visibility into Availability of its entire product line.

The program clearly defines products into three distinct tiers: ReadyStock™, Standard Product, and Special Order. Symmons President John Graves says, “With all of the uncertainty around shipping delays and product availability these days, we felt we owed it to our customers to give them clear, accurate information about product availability so they can plan their projects effectively.”

Watch the following Stocking Program Overview video for full details:


Launched in 2020, ReadyStock  is the highly successful initiative that includes thousands of the most popular and best-selling products from Symmons. ReadyStock products are always in stock and ship within three days, regardless of quantity. All ReadyStock products are clearly indicated as such on the Symmons Product Search pages on

The second tier is defined as Standard Product, and it encompasses products that are generally in stock and will ship within three days but may have varying available quantities based on demand. The third tier is Special Order, which covers unique and niche products that are typically built to order based on the customer’s unique specifications.

This new tiered structure offers plumbing contractors, engineers, designers, and homeowners full insight into shipping expectations, which is unprecedented in the industry. “The added advantage of our new stocking program is that virtually all of our most popular and top-sellers are now part of our ReadyStock program, so those products will always ship within three days,” says Tom Hubbard, Chief Marketing Officer for Symmons. “We just recently added 1800 new products to ReadyStock, and we fully expect to continue adding the key items that our customers need and want.”

For information on ReadyStock, visit the ReadyStock page on Full details on the Symmons Stocking Program can be found on the Stocking Program page on



Established in Boston in 1939, Symmons invented the SafetyMix® pressure-balancing shower valve, and has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality, durable shower valves, faucets, control valves, and other plumbing products ever since.

In 1968, Symmons created the Temptrol® pressure-balancing shower valve, designed entirely of solid brass and stainless steel to offset potential scalding temperatures when water system pressures fluctuate. Manufactured in Massachusetts, the Temptrol has become the benchmark for safe and consistent water temperatures in residential, commercial, and institutional bath environments.

The latest innovation from Symmons is Evolution, a complete Building Management System that uses a network of non-invasive, wireless sensors to give you full visibility into your building’s water systems, alerting you to temperature and humidity issues, flow, wasted water, excessive usage, and leaks.

Symmons offers more than 9000 quality products for the plumbing industry, crafted for durability and reliability, and backed by industry-best warranties and a Customer Service team based in the U.S.

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Jake Matulewicz

Director of Marketing

Symmons Industries

Symmons®, SafetyMix®, and Temptrol® are trademarks of Symmons Industries, registered in the U.S. and Canada. ReadyStock™ is pending in U.S.

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