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Designed to Stand Out: 3 Perks of Going Custom

perks of custom plumbing fixtures

If your new construction or renovation project has tough plumbing and/or design challenges to solve for, going custom for your plumbing fixtures and accessories may be the smart—and sometimes the only—choice.

Customization can be the avenue to:

  • Designing a property that is competing with a host of similar niche/boutique properties in its surrounding neighborhood
  • Earning LEED® certification for your property without compromising your property’s aesthetics
  • Solving engineering problems that came with the building or could arise if there is no available solution
  • Tackling some or all of the challenges above without going over budget and/or timeline

Note the following facts about customization when selecting a custom plumbing partner.

Going custom does not have to be hard.

After identifying the appropriate custom partner, you should be as involved—or removed—as you want to be in the customization process. An experienced custom partner should make it simple to create custom solutions and minimize back-and-forth. For instance, the custom partner can walk you from consultation and brainstorm to testing a product sample to manufacturing the approved product. In addition to having worked with other clients with similar requirements, the custom partner will be effective at understanding your needs and capable of taking direction to execute on the necessary product specifications.

Going custom does not have to be time-consuming.

The seasoned custom partner you choose should be able to deliver solutions within your project’s timeline to keep construction or renovation on track. Since you’ve vetted that your partner has extensive industry experience, they keep a step ahead of potential issues that could arise in your project to avoid them. Once a deadline is agreed upon, the custom partner should be in touch with you at every project milestone up through the expected delivery date.

Going custom can fit within your budget.

The right custom partner will be aware of your budget constraints and develop solutions that will fit within it. For example, instead of designing a product from scratch, perhaps it’s possible to make slight modifications to an existing product. Or elements from one product can be combined with elements from another product. Custom partners can use their creativity to give you a high end look you are trying to achieve without impacting your bottom line.

Need help making the case for custom to your team? Have a Symmons® Design Consultant join you during your pitch for customization. Connect with a Design Consultant to get started.

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