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Symmons Design Studio Designs Custom Shower Faucets and More


For more than 75 years, Symmons has offered architects, designers and property owners beautifully designed plumbing products for commercial and residential applications. Today, we still roll out products that are built to last, designed to stand out, and backed by a customer-first culture. Yet, we go a step further with the Symmons Design Studio, a service for creating custom products, finishes, and features for commercial projects.

The Algonquin Hotel


Designed in 1902 by architect Goldwin Starrett, the legendary Algonquin Hotel is a venerable beaux arts gem that started out as a New York City residence hotel. Over the years, it’s been a magnet for literary and theatrical guests and known also as a social sanctuary. But to meet the current needs of its guests and the city, it needed considerable renovation that would bring it up to 21st-century standards. Maintaining the structure’s integrity and historical charm were the guiding principles for this rebirth.

The challenges here were not unlike many New York City hotels built more than a century ago. Chief among them was that the Algonquin featured relatively small bathrooms with very low water pressure. In addition, new products for the renovation had to be designed to fit the scale of the space. Bath fittings had to be manufactured to accommodate low water pressure and provide a comfortable bathing experience.

By using Symmons Design Studio, the property gained new shower trims in an oval shape to appear smaller when installed. New showerheads were manufactured with pressure-compensating flow controls and specially engineered nozzles to provide a better shower experience despite the lower flow rates. Then, lavatory faucets were fitted with pressure-compensating aerators to accommodate low water pressures. Base concepts for bath fittings were selected from previously designed products and modified with a “step” detail to add visual interest that would complement the historic décor.

Curious to know how the Algonquin’s renovation project turned out? You can read the entire success story here

Custom design is made is easy with four simple steps:



It all starts with an idea and a meeting with a Symmons Industries Design Consultant. Think, sketch, rough it out, and get those creative gears turning.



Our designers provide photo realistic renderings, Architectural & Design (A&D) specifications, and 3D plastic models to help visualize the ideal solution. This is all delivered to you at no extra cost.



Our engineers take that vision and build in the product definition to finalize manufacturability. Metal mock-up samples are delivered to you at no charge.



With a final design commitment, our operations team creates your equity-building, unique products on time and on budget. Built to last, designed to stand out, and backed by the customer-first culture that we are so proud of.

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