Temptrol® Shower Valve

Behind the wall, but ahead of the curve, Temptrol is easy to install, use, and maintain.

Even More to Temptrol

Making Things Easy

  • TA-10 Spindle Extension Kit

    When things go wrong in the field, Symmons makes things right. Mistakes happen, so we created the TA-10 Spindle Extension Kit to resolve tricky situations where a Temptrol® valve is set too far back from the finished wall to accept the trim and controls.


  • Rapid Install™ Bracket

    Installing a shower valve usually involves framing, shimming, strapping, and sometimes even a little swearing. It needs to be the right location, the right angle, and more importantly, the right depth. We designed the Rapid Install™ Bracket to hit all these points AND cut installation time by 66%!


  • VersaFlex™ Integral Diverter

    With the new Temptrol Valve with VersaFlex™ Integral Diverter you can have it all: a clean, streamlined look, with the modern functionality you want, at a price that fits the budget. And since all Symmons decorative trims work with Temptrol, you maintain full flexibility with design direction.


Built to Last

The Temptrol Shower Valve

50 years ago, we advanced the plumbing industry by inventing the first anti-scald, pressure-balancing valve. We continue to innovate Temptrol by looking forward, and thinking back, to deliver the latest technology without losing sight of the proven dependability you have grown to rely on.


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