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The New Norm: Sensor Faucets for Commercial Properties

In public-facing buildings around the world, hands-on fixtures were once the standard. With sensor faucets becoming more prominent, facilities are finding lots of good reasons to make the shift to this touch-free technology. Sensor faucets are more sanitary, they save water, and because they’re touchless, they’re easier for cleaning crews to maintain.

It’s interesting to note that different industries and sectors will be looking for slightly different things in a sensor faucet. What are some of those unique needs?

In K-12 Schools

Schools—and other places that kids frequent—are looking for sensor faucets that above all else are durable and tamperproof. If you’ve seen some of the latest TikTok trends that have resulted in administrators going so far as to shut down school bathrooms, you know exactly what we mean. Whether by accident or whether deliberate, the fixtures in school bathrooms are going to see some abuse—and sensor faucets need to be able to stand up to it.

In Prisons

In prisons and other correctional facilities, inmates have been known to take apart plumbing, beds, and other amenities to create weapons and other objects that pose a serious threat. In the name of safety both for fellow inmates and for corrections officers, this is another area where durability and a tamperproof design is crucial.

In Hospitality

Hotels, bed and breakfasts, and similar businesses will most often prioritize looks above other characteristics. That’s not to say that durability and tamperproof designs aren’t important here, because they are (nor is it to say that schools, for example, don’t care about looks, because they do). However, in a hotel setting, the goal is to make guests comfortable—and beautiful fixtures are a big part of creating the ambiance that leads to an enjoyable stay.

In Stadiums

Durability is a priority here, and so is ease of repairs. Compare a stadium bathroom to a hotel bathroom and you’ll see why. The average hotel bathroom serves a couple of people at a time—it’s much easier to temporarily close a hotel room for repairs. In stadiums, the average bathroom could serve hundreds or thousands of people over the course of a weekend. Closing down a bathroom for repairs has a much larger impact, which is why it’s so important that fixtures are able to be repaired quickly and easily.

In Restaurants and Dining

Looks are a big concern here—nothing ruins a meal faster than getting up to use the restroom, only to discover battered, faulty, or unsanitary fixtures. But even more important to the dining industry? Sanitation and ease of cleaning. In the typical restaurant setting, bathrooms need to be cleaned multiple times daily, often by kitchen staff who are multi-tasking and are pressed for time. Choosing fixtures with easy-clean finishes and sleek designs that don’t collect dirt in nooks and crannies makes it easier for busy restaurants to keep up with cleaning.

ActivSense™ Faucets from Symmons®

No matter the sector or industry, ActivSense™ faucets from Symmons® provide everything that a facility manager needs. There are several lines available, each offering a unique style and selection of finishes so that you can choose faucets tailored to your facility’s design style.

They’re durable, too. These faucets feature solid brass bodies that can take a beating, and they’re engineered to be tamperproof. While design styles differ, they are all sleek enough that they’re easy to clean. They feature responsive sensors, too, which ensure user satisfaction while helping to reduce wasted water.

Perhaps the most important point about ActivSense faucets? Not only does their durability minimize the need for repairs, but they are easy to install, too. Many sensor faucets require 110V power—and in a bathroom retrofit, this often requires facility managers to arrange for new wiring to power the faucets. ActivSense faucets can be powered by 110V, but also feature options to run on battery power, which eliminates the need to run new wiring. Batteries last quite a long time in these faucets, too—up to 10,000 cycles.

ActivSense sensor faucets from Symmons stand up to the unique challenges that all industries face—and they do it with style. To learn more about ActivSense faucets from Symmons, feel free to check them out online or get in touch with one of our representatives who can answer additional questions.

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