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The New Symmons Stocking Program: Visibility into Availability

How many times have you searched for a product on a company’s website, only to find out it’s out of stock? Or that you have to call for pricing? Annoying, right? In this 24/7/365 age of e-commerce, it shouldn’t be that difficult to get what you want, when you want it. Or at the very least, know how much it costs and when you can expect it.

Granted, we’re all slightly spoiled these days when it comes to instant product gratification, but in the construction industry, product availability makes or breaks the deal. If you don’t have what contractors need when they need it, they’re moving on to someone else. Project deadlines are everything and making sure the product is on site and ready to go is not only a priority—it’s a basic job responsibility.

That’s exactly why Symmons® created its new Stocking Program. With three distinct stocking categories—ReadyStock™, Standard Product, and Special Order—the availability of all products is clearly defined. This transparency into inventory enables contractors, designers, and engineers to plan their projects with confidence and know that Symmons has their back.

ReadyStock is Always Ready!

First up is ReadyStock—the fastest, easiest way to get the most popular products from Symmons. ReadyStock has more than 2500 SKUs in stock and that list is growing every day. Need a stylish matte black lavatory faucet? ReadyStock has it. Need 100? No problem. All ReadyStock products are guaranteed to ship within three days regardless of quantity. Just go to the Product Search page and check the ReadyStock box under the Availability heading for a full list.

High Standards

The Standard Product category covers Symmons products that are typically in stock and also ship within three days, but may have limited quantities based on demand. Standard products span the entire catalog of Symmons products, from faucets and shower valves to the smallest repair parts. Examples of Standard Products may be a unique industrial control valve or a somewhat-obscure repair part for an older Symmons product.

Extra Special

The Special Order category primarily includes high-end, ornate faucets and shower systems that are built on demand as needed. Special Order products are intended for projects with extended lead times, and minimum order quantities may apply. Tub and shower trim kits from the Canterbury® and Carrington® collections are just two examples of Special Order products.

Unlimited Visibility

Symmons has been in business right here in the U.S. since 1939, and they know the plumbing industry inside and out. And we understand that product availability is crucial for business. We also understand it’s not just our reputation on the line—it’s yours too.

You’ll see our name in some of the most exclusive hotel properties in the world, but you’ll also see us in everyday locations, like apartments and condos, fitness centers, schools, and hundreds of thousands of single-family homes. We’re in a wide range of properties because our quality, durability, and our ability to deliver is clearly visible.

To learn the full details of the new Symmons Stocking Program, visit the Symmons Stocking Program webpage.

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