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The Temptrol 10-Minute Makeover

Skip the sledgehammer and just bring your favorite screwdriver.

We’ve all seen them; those home renovation shows on TV where the homeowner just wants a new look and two minutes later, someone is swinging a sledgehammer. What you don’t see in that 30-minute show is the amount of work involved to get to that perfectly finished remodel that magically appears in last three minutes of the show. It all looks amazing, but in reality, it’s a lot of time, a lot of money, a lot of hard work, and usually a LOT of dust.

What if you don’t need all of that? What if you don’t want all of that? What if your bathroom just needs a refresh, with a new faucet, new towel bars, some new lighting, and new coat of paint? Something with a fresh look, like a mixed-metals theme or a matte black finish, that won’t break the bank… or your walls.

The catch in these paper napkin-type of plans is usually the shower. Because shower valves mount inside the wall, do-it-yourselfers are inherently nervous about touching them, and they fear any work will lead to ripping out the shower walls, or worse, a leaking valve.

Not with Symmons Temptrol shower valves. The Temptrol valve is 100% compatible with ALL 14 Temptrol trim collections and six different finishes, so do the math there and think about how many different combinations that are available. And you can install them with just a few basic hand tools, probably in the same amount of time as your favorite home reno show.

Trim kits for Temptrol valves cover all combinations of function options too. They have shower valve only, tub and shower, or shower and hand shower. You can also get individual parts, like maybe a new handle or a just a new showerhead. ALL Temptrol parts will fit on any Temptrol valve. The toughest part is making up your mind about what you want because there are so many choices.

And you want it to look great too, so Temptrol has traditional and contemporary trim styles, or you can mix it up with a transitional style that blends hints of old and new. Couple that style with a slick new finish, like brushed bronze, satin nickel, or matte black. The Symmons QA Team doesn’t let any finish go out the factory door unless it’s been put through the ringer and given their seal of approval for durability.

If you are planning to go all the way with a full bath remodel, just knowing that you can change the style, finish—and your mind—down the road is a great reason to install a Temptrol from the start. Also knowing that Symmons literally invented the pressure-balancing shower valve in 1939 may help your decision-making (or your trivia skills). They’re made right here in the USA of solid brass and stainless steel, no corner-cutting with flimsy metals or plastic.

So, no need to hire a film crew or an army of contractors to transform your bath space. Just pick up a new genuine Symmons Temptrol trim kit and use your imagination and your favorite screwdriver. (Everyone has a favorite screwdriver, right?) Skip the demo, the dumpster, and the dust and give your Symmons Temptrol a not-so-extreme makeover that’ll look amazing and make you the star of your own home show.

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