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Top 5 Apps for Construction Professionals You Should Try

top apps for construction professionals

Between your office and your job site, you need to keep your project moving even when you don’t have your laptop handy. We put together a collection of the top apps for construction professionals that increase transparency, reduce errors on job sites, and save time. 

Our Picks for Apps for Construction Professionals



Compatible with:
 iOS, Android, and Windows 10

Construction professionals can use Fieldwire to: 

  • Create custom inspection reports
  • Track and report site issues
  • Manage and schedule tasks
  • View, share, and edit drawings.

Reviews place the app at a 4.6 out of 5 stars, and users praise it for its job organization features. One user likened it to “having a secretary that reads minds.”


Compatible with: iOS, Android, and Windows 

Canvas allows you to create your own apps to perform a variety of tasks, such as building estimates and forms. No software development knowledge is required. Simply drag and drop the widgets and fields you want in order to do what you need. Canvas decreases the number of cumbersome paper forms to fill out, which can speed up your internal processes. Over 20,000 ready-to-use editable templates are available with the application.


Compatible with:
 iOS, Android, and Windows 

PlanGrid claims to be “the highest rated blueprint app.” Architects, contractors and project engineers have used PlanGrid since 2011 to share markups, photos, plans, project specs, and more in real time. The app boasts a number of integrations with popular productivity tools like Dropbox and Google Drive, as well as construction management software. Try it out free for 21 days before committing to a subscription. 

ProCore Construction Management Software

Compatible with:
 iOS, Android, and Windows 

Noted as the most frequently-used construction management software by design and engineering firms, Procore Technologies developed Construction OS to: 

  • Minimize project back-and-forth between teammates
  • Increase documentation efficiency
  • Enable collaboration on contracts, drawings, schedules, and more. 

Procore releases constant fixes, new features, and updates so that you are always working with the latest and greatest version of the software.



Compatible with: 
iOS and Android

Safesite is a mobile safety management system that empowers construction professionals to communicate, record, and resolve safety processes. It comes with audits, checklists, forms, hazard and incident reporting, and more. Receive email, in-app, and email notifications to stay on top of job progress. Compliance assistance includes OSHA, ISO, SHARP, and VPP.

Along with apps that can restore hours back to your workweek, you need strong partners on your next project. Symmons provides a host of solutions for hospitality and multifamily construction. Read our success stories here.

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