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What Makes a Symmons Valve a Symmons Valve?

It’s more than just looks or the features—though you’ll find both good looks and great features in a Symmons valve. There’s more to it than that, though. Let’s take a look at what sets a Symmons valve apart from other products on the market.

Made of Metal

A valve’s construction is its greatest indicator of quality. On the lower end of the spectrum, inferior shower valves often feature plastic handles and trim kits, which are prone to cracking with time and use—and that’s just the outside. Inside these cheaper valves, you’ll find plastic pistons and other parts, all of which tend to wear out quickly, leading to dripping showerheads, leaks, and a whole lot of frustration when it comes time to fix or replace them.

Let’s contrast that with Symmons valves, which feature:

  • Metal external hardware, be it stainless steel, brass, or another metal in a finish matching the bathroom’s design. Metal will last longer—and look a lot better, too.
  • Semi-red brass, which uses less zinc than yellow brass. This is important because the higher the zinc concentration, the longer the valve’s casting will last without cracks or leaks.
  • A stainless-steel piston, which will last much longer than the plastic pistons found in cheaper valve cartridges.

These elements make Symmons valves durable; they’re built to last without a lot of troublesome repairs.

Ease of Installation

Another indicator of a Symmons valve? It’s designed to make a contractor’s life easier. This means Symmons valves are designed smart so that they’re slim enough to be roughed into walls of any size, including modular walls and narrow 2×3 walls.

Speaking of roughing-in shower valves, Symmons also offers the Rapid Install Bracket™ to speed the installation process. Many valves come with fixed brackets that leave installers few options for placement between studs. The Rapid Install Bracket is adjustable so the valve can be placed where it’s needed, rather than where the studs dictate. With that, the bracket offers stability so that the valve isn’t partially supported by the plumbing.

Another important factor are the connections. One jobsite may be using CPVC plumbing while another uses PEX. That’s why Symmons valves come in variants that enable you to use copper sweat, IPS, PEX crimp, cold expansion, CPVC, or ProPress® fittings. These options make both sourcing and installing valves much easier.

Rigorous Quality Assurance Testing

One of the biggest things that sets a Symmons valve apart from all the rest? All valves go through exhaustive testing. Not just your standard strength testing, but abrasion resistance, color verification (to make sure all finishes are uniform), salt spray testing, life cycle testing, and much more. By adhering to these standards, Symmons ensures that you’re getting a valve built to last.

The Finishing Touch

Looks and luxuries are important, but so is craftsmanship, ease of installation and safety. Symmons valves are designed with all of these factors in mind, which is why each one gives you durable construction, ease of installation that both contractors and homeowners will love, and of course, finishes and styles to enhance any bath space.

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