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Why 10 Years? The Symmons Commercial Warranty

Why 10 Years?

Recently, Symmons doubled the length of its warranty from five years to a full 10 years for all its products when used in commercial applications. Why 10 years? The answer is pretty simple: Quality.

Only the Strong Survive

Commercial plumbing products take a beating. Take a look around in any school bathroom, fitness club locker room, or stadium rest room and you’ll see that they’re constantly in use. Shower valves, kitchen faucets, lavatory faucets, soap dispensers—they never get a break. Consider the physical abuse they take, unintentional or otherwise, day after day, until they reach their breaking point. Overuse, vandalism, harsh cleaning products, and the daily grind are all out to get them.

Building managers and property owners have been down this road before, and they know the deal. The seasoned pros often factor a few replacements into their yearly budget, and some plan for a full set of replacements every few years or so. Most don’t even consider the product’s warranty because, historically, warranties on commercial plumbing faucets and valves are so short or non-existent that they don’t even bother. On the rare occasion that a warranty is still in effect, it’s often not worth the hassle of the paperwork or arguing on the phone to get a replacement.

Quality Matters

We’re not like the other guys; Symmons is different. We’ve always had a strong five-year warranty on commercial products, and our limited lifetime warranty for residential use is tough to beat. When you call our Customer Service team for help with an issue, a real Symmons expert picks up the phone right here in our Braintree, Massachusetts headquarters. We’re confident in our products because we use high-grade materials and precision machining. It’s a matter of quality.

When we launched our new line of ActivSense™ sensor faucets and soap dispensers recently, we knew the quality was so good that they deserved a longer warranty. That ActivSense launch triggered us to re-evaluate and strengthen our commercial warranty. Our Customer Service team is already well known in the industry for going above and beyond the call of duty to make things right, so extending the warranty to 10 years was an easy decision.

Testing 1, 2, 3

Our confidence in our quality starts in the Symmons QA Lab, where quality testing is serious business. We never cut corners or use inferior materials. That’s not us. Our valves are made with semi-red brass, bronze, and stainless steel and are subjected to extreme pressure testing. On the outside, all our finishes are tested for color matching, thickness, and durability, with tests like media blasting and salt spray.

If you follow Symmons on Facebook®, Instagram®, or LinkedIn®, you’ll see some quality testing on our #factoryfriday segment. Our QA technicians test individual products with real-world stressors and beyond, and then sign off on their quality, so they’re personally committed to making sure everything is perfect.

Our Promise

Our 10-year commercial warranty is our promise to you that we stand behind our quality. And it’s not just about the product; it’s about the quality of everything we do. The quality of our customer service, the quality of our engineering and manufacturing, the quality of our people, the quality of our vision for the future, and the quality of our commitment to our customers.

We’ve been making the most durable and reliable shower valves, faucets, control valves, and accessories for 82 years. So, when you’re planning your next commercial build or remodel, or even just a single replacement, take a look at our full product line on When used in commercial, industrial, institutional, and multi-residential applications, all Symmons products are warrantied for a full 10 years, and we stand behind everything we make. You’ll see that we make things right, and that quality matters.

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