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Why Interior Designers Love Products Made in America


Now more than ever, people want to feel good about supporting companies that make a difference. We see this in the rise of local eating, which has foodies seeking out farmers’ markets to buy local and get their meals as close to home as possible. Local building could be a next natural step in this movement. Architects and designers are on the front lines of specifying and purchasing products made in America to support local economies. 

At Symmons, we’re proud to have a manufacturing facility located right here in the US, and we know that architects feel great about those products being used in their projects. For example, our Dia Tub and Shower System is made right in our manufacturing facility in Braintree, Massachusetts. It’s sleek, modern, and compliant with the Buy American Act — one of many Symmons products to meet these standards.

The Buy American Act was passed by Congress in 1933 in response to the Great Depression. Buy American certification means that at least 50 percent of a product’s components are from the United States. Symmons has complied with the Buy American Act and has supported American jobs for over 75 years.

There are several reasons to feel good about choosing fixtures that meet Buy American certification standards:

    • Supporting Local Economies: When products are produced domestically, money in the form of workers’ paychecks goes directly back into local economies, helping small towns and families stay on their feet.
    • Supporting a Living Wage: With products made in the States, there are no concerns about unfair wages, unsafe factories or exploitative child labor.
    • Confidence in the Craftsmanship: Builders have a general sense that things aren’t made like they used to be, and many associate higher quality with goods made here in the United States. For better products, people trust items made in American factories.

The Buy American certification is a winning choice for designers who want to feel good about the way their buildings are brought to life.

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