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Top Bathroom Remodeling Trends for 2019

2019 bathroom remodeling trends

Bathroom design trends change as quickly as they do in fashion, and 2019 bathroom remodeling trends are looking classier than ever.

Many of these design ideas can be accomplished by updating a few pieces in your room. Others, such as dedicating your entire bathroom to being built in a single type of material such as marble, may require a significant investment. Whether you’re looking for a complete revamp of your bathroom leisure space or simply looking for an on-trend update, here are the top design suggestions from the experts for 2019.

Create a Statement

Perhaps the easiest new bathroom design trend for 2019 is adding a statement mirror or replacing one of your current mirrors. Mirrors with an unusual shape are certain to draw the eye and create a focal point for your room. With the majority of bathrooms having a very traditional rectangular mirror, round, or irregularly shaped mirrors are an inexpensive way to set your bathroom apart from the rest. Suggestions include a sunburst look or an edgy, asymmetrical design for your focal point in the room. This look works particularly well when other items are more muted or smooth so they’re not clashing with the look of a jagged mirror.


Add functionality to large bathroom mirrors with glass-mounted accessories, such as this Symmons® Glass-Mounted Robe Hook.

Brass Is Back

Adding a touch of brass is right on point for 2019! Brass, Brushed Bronze, and gold-tone fixtures are adding a touch of warmth to all styles of bathrooms. One of the best ways to incorporate this look without spending a fortune on remodeling is to swap out your current bathroom fixtures for an updated style. Brass and gold fixtures have taken a back seat to cooler shades over the past few years, and designers are excited to incorporate this new look into trend-setting bathroom looks for the coming year.


The Symmons Dia® Single Handle Lavatory Faucet finished in Brushed Bronze is the happy medium for a design aesthetic that incorporates gold-tone without the shine of brass. Shop the look here.

Study Your Maths

Math in the bathroom?! Doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, does it? When you consider that one of the hot 2019 design trends includes adding geometric shapes inspired by modern architecture, it all falls into place. These angular designs will be the showpiece for any bathroom décor, creating pockets of interest that leaves a lasting impression of elegance with your guests. This trend is often considered to be one of the very oldest, inspired by Egyptian designs that are thousands of years old – but the look never truly goes out of style.


The Symmons Duro® Widespread Lavatory Faucet finished in Matte Black adds the perfect geometric addition to your on-trend bathroom.

Just Add Marble

The timeless beauty of marble is something that will never truly go out of style. As marble becomes more readily available in the U.S., expect to see a proliferation of this stunning natural stone in bathrooms in 2019 and beyond. If you want to make a truly dramatic impact, consider a large-scale marble installation that goes from the floor to the ceiling. Experts recommend that you stick with a single, simple design look for your marble bath instead of mixing and matching several different styles of stone. This keeps your space from looking too chaotic and brings tranquility and peacefulness to your private rooms.


A few other trends that are on the horizon include adding natural woods to your bathroom design in the form of paneling on the floor or the walls and looking for ways to incorporate various textures. Natural wood and stone are considered to be warm and welcoming, making them ideal for your bathroom hideaway. Learn more about bathroom and kitchen trends for your home on our blog.

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