• Symmons Blog: How Freight Farms Work

    How Freight Farms Work

    Posted 06/15/2017

    Today’s farmers are applying the same innovative, startup principles used in the tech industry to remain connected to their most important asset: their crops. Symmons is proud to have purchased a Freight Farm to promote teamwork and encourage creativity for their team members through an innovative new outlet. Freight Farms provide a mobile, modular opportunity for those passionate about farming to produce fresh food consistently, in a variety of environments and geographic locations.

  • Symmons Blog: Our Favorite Green Projects

    Our Favorite Green Projects

    Posted 06/15/2017

    101 Seaport boasts a rainwater reuse system, a 40% water use reduction, 30% energy use reduction, energy efficient triple glazing, and floor-to-ceiling high-performance vision glass.

  • Symmons Industries Announces Winner of NEWH Product Design Competition Scholarship

    Symmons Industries Announces Winner of NEWH Product Design Competition Scholarship

    Posted 05/10/2017

    Symmons Industries is proud to announce that Erin Bailey of Denton, TX was the 2017 recipient of the Product Design Competition Scholarship, in partnership with NEWH, The Hospitality Industry Network. The scholarship challenges college students majoring in hospitality interior design or architecture to design a faucet for hypothetical clients.

  • Mike Daikubara

    Meet Mike Daikubara, Director of Brand & Design Development at Symmons Industries

    Posted 05/10/2017

    I’m responsible for Industrial Design as well as Brand Development. Whether it is the development of a 3-dimensional product or a 2-dimensional graphic, my job is to deliver something the customer will value while elevating the overall Symmons brand. This is a very exciting and challenging position; but it is also something that makes my job enjoyable.

  • Symmons Design Studio

    Symmons Design Studio: One-of-a-Kind Designs

    Posted 04/26/2017

    For more than 75 years, Symmons has offered architects, designers and property owners beautifully designed plumbing products for commercial and residential applications. Today, we still roll out products that are built to last, designed to stand out and backed by a customer-first culture, while going a step further with the Symmons Design Studio, a service for creating custom products, finishes and features for commercial projects.

  • Symmons Blog

    Top College Architecture and Engineering Programs in 2017

    Posted 03/13/2017

    Each year, collegiate organizations and architecture publications rank the top college programs in the United States in architecture, design, and plumbing engineering. We’ve summed up the schools that leave students most prepared to enter a career in the architecture, design, and mechanical engineering industries.

  • Architects and Designers Who Instagram Who We're Following

    Architects and Designers Who Instagram: Who Were Following

    Posted 03/06/2017

    Social media has become such an important aspect of architecture and design- especially when it comes to Instagram. We previously revealed our favorite architecture and design Twitter accounts we follow, and the rise of Instagram has given the industry a visual platform to gather inspiration, and showcase a slew of different project styles. Here are the architects and designers who we’re following on Instagram.

  • Eco-Friendly Building in 2017

    Eco-Friendly Building in 2017

    Posted 02/01/2017

    Sustainability continues to be a hot topic across many industries, driven by public demand for eco-friendly materials and energy-saving systems in homes and hotels. Rising energy costs and growing concern about global warming are prompting hotel operators and multifamily developers alike to act.

  • Perfect Pairings for Your Bathroom Design

    Perfect Pairings for Your Bathroom Design

    Posted 01/19/2017

    Choosing the materials and fixtures to complement the look and feel of your project can be difficult – especially when it comes to multifamily and hospitality properties. The bathroom design you create will need to have a long lifespan, making the decision-making process even harder. We’ve made things easy by picking out a few perfect pairings detailed below:

  • Top Architecture Trends of 2017 Hospitality Edition

    Top Architecture Trends of 2017 Hospitality Edition

    Posted 01/18/2017

    2017 promises to be an innovative year for architects and designers. The year's top trends could potentially change the landscape of hospitality architecture forever. We’ve highlighted four need-to-know trends below.

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