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Why Your Hotel’s Brand Hinges on Your Guest Experience

Learn how negative guest experiences at individual hotel locations and franchises can impact the hotel brand, as well as how to prevent negative experiences from happening due to hotel water issues.

When a hotel brand becomes successful, the next step in the business plan is to open up more hotel locations and franchises across the country and even on an international scale. Stakeholders investing in common hospitality brands are eager to see a return on their investments while watching the hotel’s brand reputation soar. However, due to many hotel locations being separately owned and managed, their operations could be causing a negative issue throughout the brand chain.

Operations Not Meeting Brand Expectations

A hotel brand will typically promote a specific value proposition of its hotels to guests to attract more bookings. Perhaps the brand provides certain hotel amenities, superior customer service, caters to certain types of travelers (e.g., business and corporate events), or simply being available at all hours, as they will “leave the lights on” for guests. Yet it can be difficult to ensure that every hotel location using the same brand will offer the same high level of services.

At one hotel location, the staff may put off addressing a guest’s concerns. They may not be making adequate and timely repairs to fix water leaks, address cold showers, or cleaning rooms. Although this problem may be strictly located at only this one hotel, guests who have experienced this bad service will think that every hotel across the country with this brand will provide a similar bad experience.

When guests receive less than stellar services than what they expected, they will react in a number of ways. Besides not going to the hotel ever again, they will also leave negative reviews and negative word-of-mouth to friends, coworkers, and other potential guests. Even though another traveler may want to book a hotel stay at a different location, they may decide against it simply because they are afraid that the negative reviews encompass all hotel brand locations.

Providing Consistent Guest Experiences

The ideal solution to improving guest experiences involves addressing negative complaints immediately and implementing changes so that the brand chain is not impacted. If a guest complains about an issue with the staff, learn more about their problem. Then speak with staff members to set down ground rules and policies that need to be adhered to. Also, provide comprehensive training of your staff so that they can promote better customer relations work with their guests.

If the problems involve an aspect that is lacking with the hotel’s water system, then the maintenance staff will need to detect, locate, and repair the issue immediately. This issue could involve hot water heaters that are out of order, water system elements that have undesirable water temperatures, or unusual water temperature fluctuations. Implementing a regular maintenance schedule can help increase the chances that all accessible repairs can be made as quickly as possible. However, because these problems are not easily detectable, investing in a water management system such as Symmons Evolution can help maintenance staff with early detection and remediation processes. Using sensors, Symmons Evolution can detect water leaks and changes in temperature, and instant alerts are sent to the appropriate staff who can then make the repairs.

Improve Your Hotel Brand

By improving how individual hotel locations and franchises are managed and serviced, the brand’s reputation can be enhanced and maintained. You can also prevent negative online reviews or spread between guests due to water issues, as people will be happy with their hotel stay. For more information about how Symmons Evolution systems can help your hotel’s brand with better water management capabilities, contact us today.

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