What is Symmons Evolution?

Kimpton Hotels & Symmons Evolution

Symmons Evolution is a water management platform designed to reduce operating costs for hotels. Comprised of a system of non-invasive sensors that continually monitor usage, flow, temperature, and the presence of leaks, Evolution has been installed and is actively monitoring hundreds of properties since its launch in 2019.

Evolution was designed specifically for the hospitality industry to reduce water and energy usage, and to prevent and minimize catastrophic events. A typical 110-room hotel can expect a 94% ROI in Year 1, accelerating to 658% in Year 5 due to retained savings.

On average, a hotel with no major known water issues can expect the following operating cost savings in the first year:

  • $3,800

    in water usage savings

  • $1,000

    in water heating energy savings

  • $5,000

    in repair/maintenance savings

Hotels currently experiencing chronic water issues (temperature spikes, high usage, leaks) can expect to see significant returns in the first year, often within the first three months after installation.

How It Works

The Evolution platform uses a series of sensors, designed specifically for the type of water situation you want to monitor or resolve. The sensors are non-invasive, so they install quickly without cutting pipes or shutting down the any sections of the water system in the hotel.

The data points captured by each Evolution sensor are relayed wirelessly to both a mobile and desktop Evolution dashboard, enabling the property and regional managers to access real-time data on their building’s performance, thereby pinpointing areas of opportunity for reducing operating costs.

Evolution is designed to be easy to implement in any property, regardless of size. The sensors and dedicated wireless network can be installed in just a few hours, either by the on-site facilities team or through the Symmons network of approved installers.

The Evolution team at Symmons also monitors the property, and sends real-time text, email, and phone alerts 24/7/365 whenever water usage, flow, or temperature thresholds crossed, or when a leak is detected.




How it Reduces Operating Costs

Evolution has a proven track record of reducing operating costs by helping properties identify and remediate the two major causes of “cash drain” in hotels:

  • Catastrophic Events

    Evolution immediately identifies events that have a major and immediate impact on properties, such as leaks, major equipment failures (e.g., overnight water heater outage), and freezing conditions and quickly alerts staff to minimize the effects.

  • Chronic Events

    Evolution data reveals hidden issues and helps diagnose situations that siphon revenue, such as over/underheating water, overuse of water, poor circulation, cross-connections, and conditions for mold, Legionella, or other health risks.

Evolution provides other benefits that help improve the financial performance of any property, such as:

  • Reducing guest complaints and room comps due to unsatisfactory water conditions (e.g., no hot water for showers).

  • Minimizing costs related to issue diagnosis and remediation; eliminate contractor fees to hunt around to identify issues.

  • Lowering the costs and shortening the time for facilities teams to manage water in the building, while enabling them to do more without bringing in outside help.

  • Freeing up time for the on-site facilities team by taking water issues off their plate, reducing the overall facilities costs.

Use Case: No More Cold Showers at Hotel Fontenot

Evolution was recently installed at the Kimpton Hotel Fontenot New Orleans. Shortly thereafter, the on-site operations team was able use the data from Evolution to identify and diagnose a significant water-related issue that was leading to a negative guest experience.

The hot water temperature to many rooms in the hotel was insufficient, including some rooms where the water never reached an acceptable temperature for showering.

Using Evolution data and working with the Symmons team, the hotel operations team was able to diagnose a riser balancing issue, which they were then able to quickly resolve.

Since installation, Evolution has helped save Hotel Fontenot:


    in fees for an outside balancing engineering firm and on-site engineer time by accelerating riser balancing, improving water temperature by 20 degrees.


    in cold-water complaint reimbursements through properly balancing risers, resulting in a 20-degree improvement during peak morning shower usage hours.

Other Case Studies

Evolution saves considerable costs at stand-alone properties, but those savings accelerate significantly at multi-property installations.

Recently, one of our customers deployed Evolution at 10 mixed-use properties and they experienced a combined savings in their annualized water usage of more than 18 million gallons, resulting in a staggering cost reduction of over $265,000 per year in municipal water bills.

  • $30,000

    In savings by identifying the source of HVAC temperatures spikes, pinpointing the problem as a faulty Variable Frequency Drive.

  • $10,000

    By identifying cross-connection and inconsistent water temperatures.

  • $6,000

    In water and energy savings through recirculation and balancing improvements.

  • $30,000

    By identifying incorrect pressure-reducing valve plumbing, leading to cross-connection and water temperature issues.

  • $9,000

    In labor, capital, and reimbursement costs by identifying a faulty thermostatic mixing valve.

  • $3,000

    In labor savings by diagnosing an issue with a rubber diaphragm inside a hot water storage tank that was preventing temperature regulation.

  • $100,000

    Loss prevention by identifying a leak in a penthouse mechanical room, enabling the staff to resolve it before damage occurred.


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