Symmons Evolution

See what’s going on inside your building’s water system. Evolution gives time-tracked analyses and customizable 24/7 alerts for water temperature, humidity, flow, usage, and leaks. Get ahead of angry complaints, high bills, and property damage by pinpointing and solving chronic and intermittent water issues before they become costly.

Evolution Equipment for Tharaldson

There are four unique sensor types that are being considered for each Tharaldson Hospitality property. All sensors are non-invasive, meaning there are no system shutdowns needed. Each sensor transmits its unique time-tracked data to the Evolution Dashboard, and the Evolution App for smartphones and mobile devices.

Temperature Sensor

Non-invasive, strap-type sensors are compatible with multiple piping materials and transmit data to the Evolution Dashboard. These wireless sensors for domestic hot water and HVAC systems measure the water temperature inside the piping to detect peaks and valleys that lead to guest or tenant complaints.

  • Easy Install

  • Temperature Monitoring

  • Keep Guests Happy

Leak Detector

Evolution’s unique leak detection sensors have variable sensitivity and can prevent costly property damage due to leaking equipment or seeping groundwater.

  • Installs Easily

  • Detect Leaks

  • Prevent Damage

Utility Meter Sensor

External non-invasive sensors strap to municipal and private utility meters to send time-tracked data to the Evolution Dashboard. Water utility meter sensors report true water usage to identify wasted water or to reveal faulty or inaccurate meters that lead to high water bills.

  • Fast Install

  • Monitor Meters

  • Save Money

Clamp-On Flow Sensor

Ultrasonic non-invasive sensors clamp onto various piping materials in sizes from ½-inch up to 8-inch diameter. Water flow sensors constantly measure flow rate to locate costly wasted water that would otherwise go unnoticed.

  • Easy Install

  • Monitor Flow

  • Locate Waste


Video Tutorials

Install Questionnaire

To gather the necessary information for your specific property, a questionnaire has been created.

Just click the Download Questionnaire button below.

When the questionnaire is complete with all measurements and information, send it as an email attachment to

Download Questionnaire

Pipe Measurement Kit

A pipe measurement kit will be delivered to each property to assist with the necessary accurate pipe diameter measurements needed to complete the questionnaire.

If you did not receive the pipe measurement kit, or if you need a new one, please email to request a new kit.


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