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As an owner/developer, you need to make sure you’re making the best product decisions possible for your properties, both for the long term and for the bottom line. We understand that, and that’s where the quality and reliability of Symmons rises above the rest.

Our Story

About Symmons

Symmons is a third-generation, family-owned manufacturer that’s been making the highest-quality plumbing valves, controls, fittings, and accessories right here in the US for more than 80 years.

We invented the pressure-balancing shower valve—that’s the design that keeps the water temperature consistent when someone else runs water or flushes a toilet while you’re showering. Paul Symmons solved that issue of “shower shock” with the SafetyMix® shower valve way back in 1939, and then refined it again in 1968 with the Temptrol® shower valve, the most durable and reliable shower valve on the market today.

Symmons is a people-first culture; we treat our customers and employees like family. When you call our Customer Service department with a question, a real Symmons expert here in our Braintree, Massachusetts office answers the phone—not a scripted call center contractor in another part of the world.

Symmons has some of the most dedicated plumbing professionals you’ll find anywhere, and many have been with Symmons for more than 30 years. In fact, 44% of Symmons employees have been with the company for more than 10 years. That’s a testament to our culture of quality; both with our products and our people.

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  • Pressure-Balancing Pioneer

  • US-Based Manufacturing

  • Commercial-Grade Products

Symmons Commercial

Commercial Core Values

Since 1939, the foundation of our reputation has been built on commercial products, in demanding environments like institutional, hospitality, and multifamily.

Unlike others out there, our products use durable materials like semi-red brass, copper, and stainless steel on the inside, with high-quality finishes and styles on the outside. All designed for the long run.


    Two words: Durability and Reliability. Symmons products withstand the harshest conditions from industrial to residential and everything in between, all backed by the best warranty in the industry.



    A quick peek inside our QA Lab and you’ll have you’ll see our durability and reliability firsthand. Every single Temptrol valve is pressure- and water-tested before it leaves the manufacturing floor.



    Symmons has a full line of ADA-compliant faucets and shower valves for easy and safe bath spaces. For additional peace of mind, add our ADA-compliant all-metal grab bars and slide/grab bars.



    Symmons products have been designed with easy, accessible maintenance in mind. All Temptrol shower valves can be completely rebuilt in minutes from the front with just simple hand tools.



    Symmons specializes in partnering with owner/developers to build beneficial relationships. Our extensive lineup of approved products offers guaranteed availability at an affordable cost.



    All-metal valves with durable finishes, focused on water and energy conservation, at a competitive price? Yup, you read that right. Check us out and do the math; we'll be right here when you're ready.



Featured Commercial Products

At Symmons, what started as a single idea back in 1939 has evolved into generations of innovation. We’ve leveraged that forward-thinking engineering, then combined form and function, and cast it into a full catalog of high-quality offerings for kitchen, bath, laundry, and more.

Our Promise

Our 10-Year Industry-Leading Commercial Warranty

At Symmons, Our Promise to you is that we’ll make things right. What does that mean? It means many things, all of which are focused on you, our customers. Our warranties support our confidence in our high-quality, durable plumbing products, and in the people who make them. Here are few reasons we stand behind every product we make…


Contact Symmons

At Symmons, we’re real people behind our name, located right here in North America, and we’re here for you. Have questions or comments about one of our products? Or maybe you’d like info on where to buy Symmons products near you? Just drop us an email and we’ll get back to you right away.

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