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A History of Innovation

Symmons Industries manufactures high-quality plumbing products such as valves, showers, faucets, and heavy-duty mixing valves right here in the US. Our company’s history dates back to 1939, when Paul Symmons invented the first pressure-balancing valve for safe and consistent shower temperatures. That valve design is still the standard today, and the effectiveness of his invention eventually led to widespread changes in plumbing codes to help improve safety.

Over the years, we’ve built a reputation as a company that makes products that are made durably, perform reliably, and are backed by our industry’s best warranties. We’ve also continued to strengthen our reputation as an innovator in the plumbing field. That ongoing innovative drive has led to the Evolution® Building Management System from Symmons.

The Evolution Building Management System

Building Management Systems are the number one most-requested tool by property managers and maintenance staff for hotels, multifamily properties, and other large commercial buildings. The oversight they provide can reduce wasted water and energy, offset costly damage, and prevent negative guest, tenant, or resident experiences. The downside is that they are notoriously expensive, difficult to install, and limited in their monitoring capabilities.

Evolution is different. Its bleeding-edge technological advances and plug-and-play setup are already transforming the BMS mindset. Evolution uses non-invasive sensing technology to monitor water temperature and flow, humidity, and detect leaks in commercial plumbing and HVAC systems.

So, exactly how does Evolution shake up the BMS concept? Well, for starters, it can be self-installed by your building’s maintenance staff in less than two hours, and begin reporting immediately, directly to your staff’s smartphones. The foolproof installation process is similar to installing a wireless doorbell or security system. No cutting pipes, no contractors, and no shutdowns—just unpack, install, and track.

Using a dedicated LoRa® network, Evolution connects wirelessly to its sensors to track temperature and humidity fluctuations minute by minute, and then displays the data on smartphones or tablets via the Evolution app or dashboard. LoRa is stronger and far more reliable than Wi-Fi, so your team stays connected 24/7.

The Bottom Line

With configurable temperature, humidity, flow, and leak thresholds, your team can be alerted quickly to resolve issues before they become costly damage or angry complaints. In addition to changing the way your building’s systems are monitored, Evolution changes the bottom line as well—with package options starting at as little as $99 a month.

Evolution systems are currently installed and successfully reporting from more than 80 properties, including notable hotels and shopping malls. If the Evolution Building Management system sounds right for your property, just contact our Evolution team at for a free demonstration.

To learn more about Evolution’s capabilities, monitoring, and case studies, visit the Evolution Building Management page for more information.

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