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Growing Vegetables Anywhere with Freight Farms


Freight Farms provide a mobile, modular opportunity for those interested in growing vegetables anywhere. Keep reading to learn how to grow fresh food consistently regardless of your environment and geographic location.

Symmons is proud to have purchased a Freight Farm to promote teamwork and encourage creativity for their team members through an innovative new outlet. Much like Symmons, Freight Farms provide value through an inspiring solution in an unexpected way while maintaining their strict dedication to sustainability and water conservation.

Freight Farms are particularly convenient for those who live and work in areas where space or sunlight exposure are limited. They offer two farm varieties: The Leafy Green Machine (LGM), a 40’ x 8’ x 9.5’ shipping container that uses 90% less water than traditional farms, and the Leafy Green Compact (LGC), a 10’ x 9’ x 8’ container that costs a mere 15% of what standard farms spend on operating expenses. (source.)


LGCs allow those looking to grow locally and harvest on a larger scale, to do so efficiently using automation, innovative techniques, and up-cycled materials.

Freight Farms run on either a 120/240 volt 60-amp power source or 3-phase 120/208 and consume about 50 kWh per day. For scale, a dishwasher consumes 1.8 kWh per day.

Beyond an energy source, LGCs require only access to potable water from a planter or standard garden hose. Serving as a means for larger scale production, with a smaller footprint. Weekly crop output can yield up to 200 full heads of lettuce.

Other optimal crops include arugula, basil, cabbage leaves, cilantro, dill, frisee, kale, oregano, parsley, radishes, sage, and more!

Those new to farming may be inclined to leverage benefits like the Farmhand Connect™ app that allows remote monitoring and control of important data once only available in person such as humidity, nutrient level, plant growth, temperature, and water quality and pH.

Symmons involvement with Freight Farms demonstrates the value Symmons has been providing through its commitment to innovation for over 78 years.

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