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Hospitality Technology Trends You’ll See in 2020

Trends predicted for 2020 involve adding more technology on hotel premises, including technology that improves hotel upkeep, or guest services. Keep reading to learn more about the technology you may want to incorporate into your hotel's operations.

Improving the guest experience to create a loyal customer base will have hotels seeking the latest trends to incorporate into their processes and amenities. Current trends predicted for 2020 involve adding more technology on hotel premises, whether the technology improves administrative processes, hotel upkeep, or guest services. Let’s look at some of the latest trends to keep an eye on what you may want to incorporate into your hotel features.

Booking Engines for Direct Booking Features

More hotels would like to increase their direct booking rates instead of having most of their customers go through online travel agents (OTAs). To increase profits and to better position a hotel to be seen by potential travelers, social media and email marketing campaigns are being combined with booking engines to better convert online traffic into direct booking customers. With this technology becoming easier to integrate and manage with existing operations, it is even more important for hotel owners to create a well-designed and optimized website to handle the increase in website traffic.

Artificial Intelligence for Check-Ins

Improving check-in times ensures that guests can immediately get to their rooms after a long flight so they can relax and rest. However, long lines at the front desk can increase the stress for travelers, who become frustrated with your staff. This negative impression can stay with guests for their entire stay.

To streamline the check-in process, artificial intelligence in the form of chatbots can provide an additional level of guest services. People can check in quickly, ask questions, and resolve common issues through an AI-enabled chatbot that’s accessible right on their phones or tablets. In addition to helping with check-in services, hotels may also experiment using this technology to provide regular room services after a customer arrives.

Internet of Things to Manage Back Room Operations

Many of the services that hotels provide are ones that the customer never sees. From managing hotel inventory to lowering hotel maintenance costs by using a water management system, the Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming fully immersed in the administrative and back-office functions of a hotel.

Symmons Evolution, an Internet of Things connected water management system, helps streamline a hotel’s water management, while ensuring a positive guest experience through the delivery of consistently safe, hot showers. Sensors are attached to water heaters, hot water pipes, and other components of a hotel’s water system, and leak detectors are placed in the hotel’s mechanical room. When a potential water issue has been detected, such as an undesirable temperature fluctuation or leak, an instant alert is sent to the hotel’s maintenance staff, even when they are not onsite. This helps staff deploy immediate remediations before guests even become aware that there is an issue.

Virtual Reality to Tell Stories and Attract Guests

While most people think about virtual reality as playing games using headsets, hotels are looking at this technology to tell stories. Guests can step into a simulation of the hotel to go on a virtual tour, as well as learn about the history of the hotel. It is even possible for guests to see recreations and amenities while in their rooms that they may want to partake in the next day.

As more technology is being introduced into the hospitality industry, stay ahead of this technology trend so you can stay competitive. Explore how Symmons Evolution can ensure a positive and consistent guest experience for your hotel’s showers by contacting us today.

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