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Make It Pop! New Push-Pop Lavatory Drains from Symmons

Virtually everyone knows the “pop-up” as that little knob on the back of a bathroom faucet that you lift to seal the drain to fill the sink with water. And if you’ve ever had to install or repair a lavatory pop-up, then you know it can be a frustrating endeavor. There has to be an easier way.

How an Old Style Pop-Up Assembly Works

When you pull that knob up, a series of events happens behind the scenes: the knob is connected to a vertical rod that will, in turn, lift the end of a second, perpendicular rod upward, which then cantilevers inside the drain assembly, and drops or pulls the stopper down into the drain opening.

Did you get all of that?

If that design seems overly complicated with far too many parts, you’re not wrong. The average pop-up assembly consists of 15 or more parts, for a function that’s rarely used anymore these days. And its issues—of which there are many—are the cause of most customer complaints for virtually all faucet manufacturers. The biggest headache for most users, particularly homeowners, is that section of the pop-up cantilever rod that actually extends into the drain to actuate the stopper.

The Dirty Details

Depending on how the cantilever rod is installed, the stopper can be configured as removable or non-removable, and that in itself is a bit of a catch-22. If the stopper is installed as removeable, it often doesn’t do a great job of creating a watertight seal, and you may suddenly find yourself staring at an empty sink. If the stopper is installed as non-removeable, you can’t get the stopper out to clean it, and that leads to another issue: clogs.

The culprit of the clogging issue is again that cantilever rod. It intersects the center of the drain line and sits directly in the outflow, so it’s just a matter of time until it catches enough hair and other gunk to clog the drain.

To make matters worse, the only way to truly clean the rod and the drain is to disassemble the lift rod linkage entirely. It’s generally not a pleasant experience. For most homeowners, that messy, contortive task is best left to a qualified plumber.

Pop on Over to the New Symmons Push-Pop!

At Symmons, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve everything we make to be easier to install and easier to use. Our new Push-Pop Lavatory Drain Assembly is as easy as it gets—just push down on the spring-actuated pop-up to close it, push it down again to pop it open.

With the Push-Pop, there are no lift rods to break, corrode, or catch hair or other nastiness, so your sink drain flows free and clear. No rods or knobs also means it’s ADA compliant for operation, and no concerns about wall or backsplash clearances either.

Push-Pops are available in Chrome, Satin Nickel, Brushed Bronze, and Matte Black finishes to give your bath space that dramatic pop. The spring-loaded stopper makes a firm, watertight seal with minimal effort, then opens for full flow with just a light push. The throat of the drain assembly is slotted to accommodate all sinks with integrated overflow passages.

To the Rescue

Here’s an added bonus of the Push-Pop: ever drop something into the sink accidentally and watch helplessly as it spirals down the drain? If you haven’t yet, chances are you will someday. It might be a valuable piece of jewelry, a contact lens, or maybe even a small toy that not-so-accidentally ends up there during bath time for the kids.

Well, fear not, because the Push-Pop has an integrated stainless-steel strainer to save the day. Just lift out the stopper, rescue your valuable, and bask in the glory.

Made Right

The one thing Symmons Push-Pops don’t do is compromise on our decades-long standard for quality and durability. The drain assembly, spring actuator, and hardware are constructed of brass, bronze, and stainless steel.

And like everything else we make, they’re backed by the Symmons industry-best warranties—limited lifetime for residential installations and 10 years for commercial spaces. Pop on over to the Push-Pop Lavatory Drains page on for full details.

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