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Multigenerational Home Renovations: Making the Right Place for Everyone

advice for multigenerational home renovations

When it comes to new home trends, multigenerational renovations dominate the market. Homes now accommodate parents, children, grandparents, aunts, and relatives under one roof.

According to Pew Research, 64 MIL Americans lived in combined multigenerational households in 2016.

When renovating your space to accommodate older family members, use the following advice to make the home safe and comfortable for everyone.

Mother-in-law Suites for Privacy and Comfort

Mother-in-law suites are separate private quarters designed specifically for older parents. The mother-in-law suite may be a remodeled finished attic or basement. It can also be a new addition to the home, a small separate cottage on the property, or even a top-level on a converted garage. A typical mother-in-law suite will have a separate kitchen, living room, and bath space for the older parents. This set up allows for more customization based on their preferences and needs.


The Symmons® SCOT®/Metering Faucet has temperature and flow control features so that older family members can make the right adjustments suitable for their specific needs. The metering faucet features a temperature limit stop to prevent the water from getting too hot.

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

There may not be enough square footage on the property to create a private living space for family members. In these instances, the relative will have their own bedroom in a spare room while sharing the other main areas of the home. Consider updating kitchen and bathroom features during the renovation to make it more accommodating.

Faucets should have large handles so that aging hands can easily turn on the water. You can also opt for sensor faucets that turn on when hands are placed in the sink bowl and automatically turn off when hands are removed from the bowl. Assign lower cabinets and drawers specifically for the relative’s use so they don’t have to stretch up to reach ingredients or linens in high cabinets.

Also, consider the layout of the space. Ensure that older relatives have enough room to navigate mobility assistance devices to the refrigerator, tables and bathroom without bumping into appliances due to tight spaces.


The Sereno® Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet has a pull-down spout to direct the water into pans and dishes for easier cleaning. It also has a single handle to control the water volume for ease of use instead of two handles, as you can just hit the handle to select hot or cold water. In addition, the faucet has a 360-degree swivel spout and rotating spray selection to allow your relative to change settings when washing hands, filling up their glass, or watering a plant.

ADA and Assisted Living Fixtures

Some relatives may have health issues that hamper mobility or may have disabilities where it is difficult to stand for long periods of time or rise when in a seated position. Renovators can focus their interior designs on ADA and assisted living devices and seating created to provide more comfort and functionality for these relatives. Installing assist bars by tubs and toilets, placing in bench seating in showers, and installing tiles with floor drainage in bathrooms so they don’t have to step out of shower spaces allows relatives to have more independence.


The Duro® 24” Double Towel Bar with Assist Bar provides an extra grip and support for up to 250 lbs. when moving around slippery tiled shower rooms for added safety for relatives with mobility issues.

You can successfully create a multigenerational home for every member of the family. Before hiring a contractor, gather the entire family together, and have each person offer design ideas that they wish to incorporate into the home. By gathering input from the entire family, everyone can feel like they have made an important contribution when designing a functional, beautiful, and comfortable home.

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