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Symmons Debuts Redesigned LaundryMate® and All-New IceMate™

Massachusetts-based plumbing products manufacturer with 83-year history releases new laundry and ice maker outlet boxes

Braintree, Massachusetts (April 27, 2022) — Symmons®, a leading manufacturer of high-quality shower valves, faucets, control valves, and bath accessories recently announced the launch of its new LaundryMate® and IceMate™ valve boxes.

LaundryMate has been a top-selling product for Symmons for years, yet new code changes in certain states triggered a redesign for compliance. Since some states now require individual shutoff valves and water hammer arrestors for each supply line, Symmons incorporated two separate brass quarter-turn ball valves and optional arrestors into their new LaundryMate.

“Although the LaundryMate name has been in the Symmons lineup for decades, this newly redesigned version was re-engineering primarily to meet and exceed new plumbing code requirements in California,” says Tracy Wilson, Director of Product Marketing for Symmons. “Plumbing code changes for California that are related to water conservation are typically adopted in other states eventually, so proactive engineering keeps Symmons ahead of the curve.”

During the engineering process, enhancements were made to improve the functionality and mounting options as well. Unlike most single-box designs on the market, LaundryMate offers the largest dual-box design for more flexibility in the field and easier access to the valves and drain once installed. The dual-box fits within a standard 16-inch stud bay and includes interlocking tabs, rigid metal straps, and surface-mount supports to adapt to any mounting configuration.

To accommodate the washing machine drain, Symmons designed a two-inch PVC outlet with a removable knockout for pressure-testing and then integrated an optional drain hose clamp to prevent the hose from becoming dislodged due to machine vibration. The clamp also includes a funnel to handle any condensate drain lines from other appliances.

“Kitchens have always been a focal point in any home, but recent real estate and construction trends have brought the value of a well-planned and functional laundry room into the light as well,” says Tim O’Keeffe, CEO of Symmons. “Our redesigned LaundryMate and our newest product, the IceMate, were created to achieve a professional finish for the customer, with the ease of installation for the plumbing contractor.”

Using the same platform and concepts, Symmons also created an all-new product for their lineup—the IceMate™. IceMate is an ice maker supply box that installs behind refrigerators to supply water for ice makers and water dispensers. The single-box construction offers the same mounting options as LaundryMate, and the single ¼” compression valve outlet is compatible with all refrigerator internal ice makers.

Like LaundryMate, the IceMate valve offers options for water hammer arrestors and connection options for sweat, PEX, and PEX Cold Expansion piping. Both LaundryMate and IceMate products are now available and further information can be found at .

Established in Boston in 1939, Symmons invented the SafetyMix® pressure-balancing shower valve, and has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality, durable shower valves, faucets, control valves, and other plumbing products ever since. In 1968, Symmons created the Temptrol® pressure-balancing shower valve, designed entirely of solid brass and stainless steel. Temptrol continues its legacy as the benchmark for quality engineering and safe, consistent water temperatures.

With their corporate office and manufacturing facility proudly based in Braintree, Massachusetts, Symmons offers more than 9000 quality products for the plumbing industry, crafted for durability and reliability, and backed by an industry-best warranty and an expert Customer Service team based right here in the U.S.

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