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Symmons Shower Valve Performs Problem-Free for 65+ Years

The Drake Hotel


    Guest Rooms, Including Suites


    Initial Symmons Installations


    Re-Trims of Symmons Shower Valves

Valves Installed in 1954, and Re-trimmed with Symmons Ever Since

A member of Historic Hotels Worldwide, the Drake, a Hilton Hotel, is the product of renowned architect Benjamin Howard Marshall’s vision for this full-service, luxury hotel perched atop Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, overlooking Lake Michigan. Built in 1920, the Drake has attracted upscale guests throughout its storied existence, ranging from royals and dignitaries to mobsters and pop culture celebrities. Accordingly, the Drake’s owners have prioritized its guests’ comfort and safety when making renovation decisions, including its shower systems.

  • Symmons shower valves prevent guest injury, such as scalding

  • Successful shower retrims without needing to go behind the wall

  • Symmons shower valves have been in service for 65+ years


    The Drake needed a high quality, long-lasting shower valve that would protect and satisfy guests for years to come.


    When the Drake learned of Symmons’ innovative pressure-balancing technology and high-quality valves that would prevent guests from potential scalding, they were eager to feature Symmons SafetyMix valves in their showers.


    The Drake installed Symmons shower valves in 1954. Over the years, they re-trimmed the shower valves to keep their aesthetic fresh and updated. In their 2017 renovation, the Drake partnered with Symmons Design Studio™ to produce a custom shower system trim in a traditional style in keeping with the hotel’s classic design. This was approximately the 10th re-trim of the Symmons shower valve since its initial installation.

“For almost a century, our hotel has boasted its prominence within Chicago’s history, becoming known as high-society’s first choice in opulence and luxury.”


The Drake Hotel 


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