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Symmons has provided solutions for a wide range of properties worldwide.

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Hand Showers

Boost the functionality and accessibility of your shower configuration by including a hand shower. Easily blend the hand showers with standard Symmons collections to provide a seamless aesthetic for your next project.

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Sensor Faucets

Symmons Ultra-Sense™ Sensor Faucets provide more reliable performance and easier servicing by combining advanced Position Sensitive Detection (PSD) with above-the-deck technology. With options for battery powered, single-, and multi-unit AC power, Ultra-Sense is ideal for Education, Healthcare, and virtually any public space.

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Shower and Tub/Shower Valves

Symmons Temptrol® pressure-balancing shower and tub/shower valves instantly react to disturbances in water pressure to maintain safe shower temperatures. All functioning valve parts are brass, bronze, and stainless steel, delivering maximum durability and reliable performance. Temptrol pressure-balancing valves have been the trusted choice for customers for over 75 years.

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Head Brackets and Shower Arms

Symmons® shower arms and head brackets allow you to replace your old shower arms or head brackets. Shower arms that coordinate with our best-selling Collections can increase the length and/or height of your shower configuration as desired.

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Tub Spouts

Available in diverter and non-diverter options, find the Symmons tub spouts you need for your project in virtually every one of our design Collections.

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Thermostatic Mixing Valves

Explore our selection of thermostatic mixing valves — a necessity for all general uses and applications where the temperature of generated hot water must be controlled and tempered before distribution.

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Modern industrial structures inspired the Symmons Dia Collection's European design. Clean, geometric lines make Dia the smart choice for any bath.

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The Symmons Sereno Collection's contemporary design and streamlined, minimalist look demonstrate an exquisite union of bold, straight lines and soft, serene curves.

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Symmons recognizes that safety and reliability are important factors when selecting a Thermostatic Mixing Valve. Maxline’s durable design and trusted engineering provide our customers with industry-leading scald protection and quality that is synonymous with the Symmons brand.

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Showeroff® is a durable, piston-actuated metering shower valve that provides a full shower flow for approximately 45 seconds to minimize water consumption and reduce energy costs. This solution is ideal for public showers, correctional facilities, or applications where positive control of shower water usage is wanted.

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Every Symmons tub and shower system features the legendary Temptrol® pressure-balancing, anti-scald mixing valve. Each valve is constructed of solid brass, bronze, and stainless steel, and features an adjustable piston that instantly and continually equalizes, or balances, the hot and cold water pressure as demands are made elsewhere in the plumbing system.

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Ultra-Sense faucets provide more reliable performance and easier servicing by combining advanced Position Sensitive Detection (PSD) with above-the-deck technology. With options for battery-powered, single-, and multi-unit AC power, Ultra-Sense is ideal for Education, Healthcare, and virtually any public space.

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Satin Nickel

The warm metallic tone and subtle brush strokes of the Satin Nickel finish blend seamlessly into kitchens and baths of all décor styles. We can achieve a Satin Nickel finish with any of our Collections or with your original design/concept. Learn more in our Design Studio.

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ADA Compliant

Symmons has developed a wide array of products that comply with the applicable requirements as specified in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Products include kitchen and bathroom faucets, as well as bath and shower faucets with the appropriate geometry and actuation force to comply with the Accessibility Guidelines. Our offering also includes a complete line of bathroom accessories that comply when installed per the requirements Guidelines. Just look for the ADA Compliant logo when browsing our product selection.

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Buy American Act

Congress passed the Buy American Act in 1933 in response to the Great Depression to give preference for American-made goods in the federal government’s procurement process. Buy American certification means that at least 50 percent of a product's components are from the United States. Symmons has complied with the Buy American Act and has supported American jobs for over 75 years. At Symmons, we're proud to have a manufacturing facility located in Braintree, MA producing over 500 products that are compliant with the Buy American Act. The American flag icon denotes our Buy American Act compliant products.

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Lead Free

Symmons faucets have been tested and found to comply with ANSI/NSF 372, the joint Canada and United States lead-free standards that prohibit more than a "weighted average" of 0.25% lead in the waterway of a faucet. Every Symmons product meets Federal Lead-Free requirements and is created with the user’s safety in mind. By choosing Symmons, you will gain peace of mind knowing that our products are safe for all commercial and residential needs.

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WaterSense® is a voluntary compliance program in partnership with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). A sister program to ENERGY STAR®, WaterSense helps customers identify water-efficient products that showcase performance, save money, and encourage innovation in manufacturing. Symmons has teamed with the EPA WaterSense program to help customers save water for future generations and reduce costs on utility bills. All Symmons WaterSense-certified products use about 20% less water and perform equal to or better than their less efficient counterparts — setting a higher standard for low-flow products and water efficiency by offering a variety of options that are built to conserve water without sacrificing style.

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About Symmons

At Symmons, we’ve built a foundation of quality craftsmanship by placing a premium on exceptional service. It’s an inner strength and outward focus that makes Symmons the smart choice. Built to last, designed to stand out, and backed by a customer-first culture.

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