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Sensor Faucets and Soap Dispensers in Stadiums and Large Venues

Commercial faucets and soap dispensers designed for large venues must be able to handle heavy traffic. Durability and reliability are more important than style in these facilities, so they include components like solid brass bodies, long-lasting finishes, and features that eliminate or reduce damage due to vandalism.

Their high frequency of use also means greater potential for wasting water and power. Commercial plumbing fixtures need to be more efficient than residential models, so they often use sensors that enable automatic operations.


An automatic faucet is also known by other names, including:

  • Electronic faucet
  • Hands-free faucet
  • Infrared faucet
  • Motion-sensing faucet
  • Sensor faucet
  • Touch-free faucet
  • Touchless faucet

These devices generally have a proximity sensor that detects an object like a user’s hands in front of the outlet of the faucet. The sensor then opens a valve that allows water to flow from the faucet, then closes it after a few seconds or when it no longer detects the presence of the user’s hands.

An automatic soap dispenser uses the same principle to dispense a controlled amount of a liquid solution, such as soap solution or hand sanitizer. Automatic faucets and soap dispensers are often used in public lavatories, especially large venues.


Perhaps the most important benefit of automatic faucets and soap dispensers is the sanitary aspect that helps reduce the transmission of germs and disease. The sensors eliminate the need to touch the fixture, which is a prime opportunity for the transfer of bacteria.

This benefit is especially useful for stadiums, where large numbers of people will use lavatory within a short period of time.

Most sensor faucets rely on a water supply that is preset to a temperature that is safe for hand washing and compliant with plumbing code regulations. That tempered water is typically controlled by a thermostatic mixing valve that’s mounted at some point in the piping to the faucet.

Of course, the most obvious benefit of automatic faucets and soap dispensers is the conservation of soap and water. These fixtures allow building managers and maintenance crews to preset parameters for flow rate and time to preferred values, to dispense the necessary amount of soap or water.

This capability ensures the water and liquid soap accomplish their purpose, while minimizing waste water, sometimes referred to as “gray” water.

ActivSense Collections

Symmons® sensor faucets and soap dispensers with ActivSense™ technology have been designed with the legendary Symmons performance and reliability. These fixtures can be customized for flow rate, security, and sensor range, which are all adjustable via remote control.

ActivSense fixtures are also easy to install and maintain, with power supply options for hardwired AC or standard batteries. This flexibility makes these fixtures perfect for retrofitting existing venues.

The ActivSense collection includes the Origins®, Dia®, Duro®, and Sereno® product lines.


The Origins line provides an affordable transition to a touchless lavatory experience. These fixtures have solid brass bodies for greater durability and multiple power options. Origins is an excellent choice for both new venues and retrofits.


Dia models combine responsive sensors with clean, cylindrical designs to provide a contemporary look. These fixtures keep sink decks clear without sacrificing function.


Duro faucets and soap dispensers have rectangular designs that give them a modern look. Their precise lines make them durable and easy to clean, allowing them to serve as the focal point for any lavatory.


Sereno fixtures offer the benefits of touchless operation with the conservation of water and energy. They provide safe, reliable handwashing in many types of commercial lavatories.

We Have Your Back

All ActivSense models also have a 10-year warranty, for added confidence when specifying fixtures for large venues. If anything goes wrong, just give our Customer Service team a call. They’re real Symmons employees with years of experience, and they’re based right here in the US. They’ll make it right because it’s the right thing to do.

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