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Shower Power by HydroMersion™!

New Symmons® Showerheads and Hand Shower Wands Powered by HydroMersion

It’s the same routine every morning—standing perfectly still in one tiny spot in the shower to get the absolute most from your showerhead’s wishy-washy spray. Even if you have decent water pressure, the experience always feels like it could be better. That old showerhead is doing the best it can, but in most cases, it’s disappointing at best.

Or maybe you’ve just installed that beautiful new bathroom you’ve been dreaming about. After all the planning, layout, construction, and craziness, you were expecting a powerful and invigorating shower experience, but weak, code-driven flow rate restrictions sent those hopes spiraling slowly down the drain.

The hard truth is that showerhead flow rates continue to be reduced for water conservation, making it difficult to get a decent shower experience anywhere these days. Conservation and sustainability are critical and valuable requirements, so the challenge for plumbing manufacturers is do what seems impossible; adhere to the current gallon-per-minute flow rates yet generate a shower experience that feels like more. A lot more.

That’s not easy to do.

HydroMersion Technology

Leave it to Symmons to make it happen. On the leading edge in plumbing manufacturing since 1939, Symmons has their just unveiled their latest innovation, HydroMersion Technology. HydroMersion is the result of more than three years of relentless engineering, design, and testing, to improve the water output experience in a low-flow world.

The first Symmons products to feature HydroMersion are the all-new single-function and multifunction showerheads and hand shower wands, with more products slated to follow in the near future. Each new showerhead and wand is dotted with dozens of specialized EverFlow™ easy-to-clean rubber nozzles and ports that have been precision-molded to amplify spray output.

Number 1 in Single-Function

For everyday showers that instantly impress with force and scope, single-function HydroMersion heads and wands are second to none. The Total spray pattern is a full shoulder-to-shoulder water column that rains down on that daily routine. Round single-function showerheads are available in 4-inch and 6-inch diameters, and there’s a 4-inch round hand shower wand as well.
If you’re looking for a more Modern tilt, you can choose between 5-inch and 8-inch single-function square showerheads, or a 4.5-inch by 2.5-inch rectangular hand shower, all powered by HydroMersion.

Switch It Up!

Tired of the same old thing? Symmons multifunction showerheads and wands put a spin on the mundane with seven modes to choose from:

  • FULL – A classic, wide beam of relaxing sprays.
  • MASSAGE – Pulsating jets ease tension and loosen sore muscles.
  • DUAL – Dual mode combines Full spray with Massage for the best of both worlds.
  • CENTER – Center mode focuses firm jets to target those high-tension areas of the back and neck.
  • WATERFALL – A unique curved channel with a rich flow that’s great for rinsing shampoo.
  • SPA – Six large nozzles create an atomized spray for a calming shower.
  • PAUSE – When you need to take a break, the Pause non-positive shutoff safely reduces full flow to a trickle to prevent unwanted cross-connection situations.

The multifunction round lineup also includes 4-inch and 6-inch diameters, with a 4-inch round hand shower wand as well. To change up the function, just flip the rotating lever right on the head.

Symmons Quality Inside and Out

By all accounts, the performance of the new HydroMersion showerheads and hand shower wands blasts the competition out of the water. They’re available in four incredible finishes—Brushed Bronze, Chrome, Matte Black, and Satin Nickel. And like all Symmons products, they’re backed by the Symmons warranty for commercial and residential installations.

Click over to the HydroMersion page on to learn more about Symmons showerheads and hand showers powered by HydroMersion technology.

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