HydroMersion™ Technology

Single-Function Showerheads & Wands

Amplify your vibe. With full shoulder-to-shoulder coverage, single-function showerheads and wands turn up the volume on your daily routine. The easy-to-clean EverFlow™ spray nozzles maximize flow for total relaxation.


    Combine HydroMersion showerheads with Temptrol® shower valves for the ultimate shower experience.

  • Boxing Gloves


    HydroMersion's fluid technology channels today's limited flow rates into best-in-class force.


    Don’t be left out in the cold—the broad column of water from the Total spray design has you covered.


Inside the HydroMersion Technology

At Symmons, we know a bit about fluid dynamics. Our new HydroMersion technology has been integrated into our showerheads and hand shower wands to transform code-restricted flow rates into full, immersive experiences.

These new showerheads and wands are the first in a series of products powered by HydroMersion, delivering a shower that’s easy to love but difficult to leave.

Amplified Performance

Turn the volume up to 11 and lose yourself in the experience. HydroMersion single-function showerheads and wands feature EverFlow nozzles for satisfying pressure, consistent flow, and positive attitudes.

  • Complete Coverage

    A unique arrangement of dozens of precision-molded jets delivers a consistent water column.

  • Go with the Flow

    Flexible EverFlow spray nozzles resist clogging and clean in seconds without disassembly or tools.

  • Press to Pause

    HydroMersion single-function hand showers have non-positive shutoff controls to pause safely.


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