Know The Code

Water Efficiency Standards

The following map of the United States and Canada indicates areas that have specific code regulations with reduced flow rates for water conservation.

Always check both state AND local codes before installation, as some cities and towns may have specific regulations that supersede their own state’s general codes. It’s important to know the specific water conservation requirements and to install fixtures with the appropriate flow rates.

As of January 2022

Flow Rates by Location

Water Efficiency Update

New water efficiency standards have been implemented in many US states and municipalities, which establish new lower flow rate limits for plumbing products.

To align with these new requirements, Symmons® will be adjusting the standard maximum flow rate of its showerheads, kitchen faucets, lavatory faucets, and public space lavatory faucets in phases, beginning in July of 2022.

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Note: This page will be updated as information becomes available; refer to state and local codes for official regulations.

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